Bering Watches

Hello Friends,

We decided to make a post to the Bering watches for the following three reasons:

  1. It is an unknown brand that will soon be everywhere.
  2. It is and will remain fashionable.
  3. Value for money out of the ordinary.

What do we know this brand?

Well Bering is an unknown brand, not be in the shade until now. It is because it created in September 2010. We can say that it is a new, brand new. As such Bering has had to differentiate to find their space and as you can see what has been achieved on the one hand design. All watches consist of flat boxes, Danish design. On the other he has succeeded in looking for a great value price. Sapphire crystal in all its watches (from 99.90) and 3-year warranty. Not to mention other aspects such as finishes, no comparison to those of its competitors.

How we determine that it is fashionable?

The best way to know that something is fashionable, is to look at if you are creating a trend that tows its competitors. And to say, so is being. On one side Skagen nearest competitor continues to hold its line and this time like Lotus or brands are taking new Viceroy with meshes own Bering cutlets.

Nevertheless from a professional point of view, (we have some of the above and other brands have been within our options) Bering is the best choice. The balance design, quality, price certainly is the best.

Is it true that they have an excellent quality? Well yes, it is. On the one hand we must say that from watches with a price of 99.9 € we materials such as stainless steel and so if that is exceptional, sapphire crystal. But there is more, other brands speak ceramic when it is not and in the case of Bering is a high-quality ceramic.

Of course there are improvable things. From our point of view, solar Radio controlled clocks and time can not compete on technological quality with brands like Citizen.