Benefits of the Pilates Method in Athletes

Learn more about the benefits of the practice of the Pilates Method in athletes. Either by you, your friend or family member, if you know a athlete, you know that there are practices that help to your well-being,

Benefits of the Pilates Method in Athletes

Whether in golf, in tennis, volleyball or any other sport, it is always necessary to a good physical preparation of the athlete for good performance in the competitions.

However, the practice of sport when done in an incorrect way or even the lack of physical preparation, can generate injuries muscle joint pains due to lack of motor coordination, lack of stabilization of the spine or the ability of range of motion reduced.

In this way, the benefits of Pilates in athletes are more than many, and the practice of Pilates helps you to improve the quality and efficiency motor, and also to help in the specific performance of each athlete.


With the continuous practice of Pilates, the athlete performs exercises for mobility, flexibility and stabilization, continue to build more and more his gestures engines, obtaining therefore the best results in your sport.

The principles of Pilates to fit in any modality, there is a sport where the athlete does not need to have concentration and control, a centre of strength and correct breathing, precision, and fluid movements, to master these principles is a differential for the athlete in relation to their opponents.

At The Wellness Studio – Frederico Silva we have professional athletes of some sports, which in its planning weekly use, both the strength training as the Pilates method to improve your physical performance.