Bathroom Sauna and Steam Room

The Modern Design Needs Sauna

In modern life ever higher are valued amenities and health care and beauty. As such, the sauna will greatly help your project be judged on its merits.

Why it is wise to invest in a sauna?

A visit to the sauna is an ancient tradition that today has more supporters and more spread than ever. The reason for this is the special atmosphere in the sauna, the most conducive to rest, good mood and tone. The pleasant warmth of the sauna not only warms the body, but also helps to balance the mental state and to stabilize the physical status of the human body. Therefore, use of sauna is recommended not only in winter but throughout the year. All arguments speaking in favor of saunas are topical both for cold and for the warmer months. This is an ancient and yet modern way for body and soul relaxation, purification, improved emotional state, toning blood circulation, increase efficiency and strengthen the immune system from which modern man is more and more needed. Since our everyday life becomes more hectic, busy and stressful, it is extremely important in making decisions architects, designers and investors to pay attention to the necessary lighting facilities. Sauna undoubtedly occupies a worthy place among similar type facilities. It can be arranged as in hotels and in sport or Spa-centers, homes, centers for beauty, and why not in industrial or commercial buildings. So people can take advantage of its beneficial when they are on vacation, after sport, after the working day, or when they decided specifically to visit places of beauty, health and recreation.
People who regularly use the sauna, highlighting major advantages of this type of equipment. Perhaps the most important thing to say here is that these advantages are many, thanks to which briefly sauna provides integrated solutions to many problems. So if you have some time and want to do something for your health and beauty, and at the same time to relax, the decision is undoubtedly a session in the sauna. He, of course, can be combined with a meeting with nice people around you, and gives you the opportunity to share more time with your family or friends.

Wherever provides sauna, investment worth it and you will quickly be recovered. You will appreciate the hotel guests and visitors to the sports center, as well as lovers of Spa-centers. When designing department- or industrial buildings may also consider investment in the sauna. As we said, including complex beneficial effects of the sauna is the simultaneous relaxation and rejuvenation, which improves the desire for staff – the main goal of every employer. Not least the people who once felt all the benefits of the sauna, want to have one in his private home. They know that this is technically feasible and will not regret such an investment.

Today person is so engaged, even if it has the necessary means, can not afford to devote enough time to do the necessary for their health, beauty, mental and emotional state. Meanwhile, in modern life increasingly identifies the need for these things. And if a person wants for the least possible time to make the most of yourself, it will require a sauna.
If you’re convinced you to turn the sauna into your project, let’s look at how are designed modern saunas, on what principles work and how to make your selection. Modern classic sauna classic sauna in the modern version represents a very complicated engineering facility, which requires compliance with many regulations, leading to a number of features in the design. The so-called sauna cabins are made ​​of type “inverted cup” and are located on floors finished mostly ceramic tile or wood. The plinths are usually made ​​of anodized aluminum or wood. All metals entering the construction of quality saunas are protected from corrosion. The wood which is used for building saunas, also undergoes special treatment under specific temperature, humidity and antiseptic substances in order to avoid deformation and decay during operation. The walls are usually made ​​of sandwich panels with effective insulation and siding in the middle on both sides of the wood – linden, aspen, pine, cedar and others. For steam can be used aluminum foil or other material Steam. The wood used for the walls of the sauna, a well-treated and sanded array (solid wood). The ceiling of the sauna has a structure analogous to that of the walls. In it, however, often use wood from tropical species, which has the unique property is not heated excessively. Even when the temperature in the sauna is 90-110°C, the surface temperature of that timber is not more than 40°C. By abachi usually do and interior fittings – benches, backrests, head pads, etc. It’s important to pay attention and ventilation of the sauna. There are several approaches to ventilation of saunas, but they all operate on the general principle – a natural air exchange at the expense of pressure difference of incoming and outgoing air flow. An essential element of the design of the sauna is well thought out lighting. It should not be intrusive and has a calming effect.

Luminaires are usually scythians in the frieze and are mounted at the rear of the cab. This enhances the feeling of relaxing atmosphere. The glazing of windows and doors for saunas can be done with different types of glass, tinted, patterned, completely transparent, etc., but in any case must have the necessary thermal insulation properties. The correct choice of power on the stove is also important. There are special tables for optimal selection of the power of the oven, depending on many external factors. They will help you greatly, and specialists from companies producing or traders saunas. In recent years, the highest prevalence receive electric sauna stoves. They are typically made ​​of a steel jacket with a built-bag, in which the stones are placed. The stones used to fill the stoves are of a special type, with a coefficient of linear expansion equal to zero, such as diabase, peredotit and others. To the stove can be added and steam generator to create the effect of the steam room. So the air in the sauna is not as dry and procedures to better tolerate from cardiovascular and respiratory system. During sessions volcanic stones in the heater are covered with water and thus can also regulate the humidity of the air. The specifics of the operation of the sauna allows if desired procedures to combine and aroma therapy, provided the water needed to be added, releasing fragrances substances. As we said, the sauna can settle and at home. The smallest mass-produced home saunas are usually the size of 0.8×0.8m and a height not exceeding 2 m. Both large and small saunas must meet certain requirements. They must have space for at least one, even a small bench, if the dimensions do not allow greater. It’s nice when possible room to be established as a sauna cabin, have a separate entrance to the patio, terrace or other open area for a person after the procedure in the sauna quickly cool fresh air. If this is impractical, the cooling can also serve basin with cool water. Near the sauna should have a shower, as we all know that before and after the sauna is recommended taking a shower. The sauna can be made ​​on each floor of the building and also to be established as a separate room in the yard. Given that classical sauna is very hot and dry for you, no problem, you can adjust the microclimate in it depending on the preferred you temperature and humidity. Modern saunas are equipped with special devices for electronic temperature control. Can be included and extras. For example, when building the right system for enlightened and sound procedures in the sauna can be enriched with color-music programs.

Alternatives to Traditional Sauna

Classic sauna today there are various alternatives that meet various customer requirements. For example, so-called steam cabins, unlike traditional saunas create a moist and not so warm microclimate. Such conditions are more suitable for people with cardiovascular or respiratory diseases and rheumatism. There are people who, without considerations of this or that disease simply prefer this type of microclimate. Another alternative to traditional infrared sauna cabins. These work based on the ability of the infrared rays to heat the human body. Infrared or so-called thermal radiation are carriers, which spread the heat. These rays have nothing to do with ultraviolet or X-rays and are absolutely safe for human health. Infrared saunas are perhaps the greatest extent adapted to the life of modern man. Sessions they lose less time and energy. The dimensions of infrared cabins allow them to be placed anywhere, including in small homes. The procedures have a high efficiency of combat fatigue and prevent colds and other illnesses. The infrared sauna is a modern technological solution to an old problem – to heat the human body. This type cabins, however, should not oppose the traditional baths and saunas. Herein described various types of equipment have a complementary effect. It could say that the traditional steam baths and saunas are a place where you can share your vacation with friends, while infrared saunas are primarily remedial devices. The cabins infrared saunas are made ​​of natural wood. It undercuts mounted, front and plantar infrared special ceramics. Session in such a sauna lasts about 30 minutes at air temperature 45-50°C and natural moisture. Moreover, they sweat is more abundant than in conventional saunas and steam cubicles, and then only under mild conditions, which determines the best healing effect of the procedure. In the infrared saunas using the method of direct heating of the body. It is significantly different from the indirect method of heating in traditional baths and saunas. Of course, we all know that the direct method is heated more efficiently than indirect. As seen above, in the sauna stove warms the stones first, they heat the air and only then heated to human body. Since air has low heat capacity to effectively heat up your body, it needs strong warm air, as is done in the finnish bath, or to add steam as the Russian and Turkish bath. That is why, in traditional saunas temperature is usually about 70-100°C. In the Finnish sauna even temperature is 90-120°C and the relative humidity is 10-25%. While Russian and Turkish bath temperatures are lower, but there again the humidity is very high – 50-90%. Increasing the temperature can lead to skin irritations or breathing, a very high humidity again lowers the partial pressure of oxygen in the air and can lead to exacerbation of cardiovascular disease.

Therefore, people with similar complaints, infrared saunas provide the most appropriate conditions during the procedures. As we said in infrared saunas use special emitters working in the invisible infrared range of the spectrum. They are arranged around the human body in order to obtain the most efficient heating. Thus 90% of the energy that is generated by the heater enters directly into the human body with minimal heating of the air. Infrared cabins are heated faster than those of conventional saunas and can help solve some specific health problems. After highlighting all the positive qualities of infrared saunas we will again emphasize that traditional saunas and various types of steam baths also have their dignity place. Both provide more curative effect and others – relaxing and energizing. At the same time even such a distinction is not very correct, because ordinary saunas have a healing effect, and infrared – relaxing. Maybe it all comes down to the health of human and personal preferences. However, regardless of what type of sauna you choose for your project, it will certainly have enough supporters and regain your investments.