Basic Shirts

Once Deerberg Basic Shirt-always Deerberg Basic Shirt. They are one of the absolute favorites you can not get enough of.Particularly the large color selection, the different cuts and the high quality is particularly. Basic Shirts from Deerberg keep a lot out and thus have a unique price-performance ratio.

Basic Shirts In Favorite Colors

There is the favorite color for everyone. Each season, this color palette of our Basic Shirts is expanded so that they can choose new colors. This is how we match the colors of the current collection so you can combine your favorite pieces. Every guy can find his basic shirt in the right colors.

Sizes And Cuts

For the sizes, you have the choice between XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL. XS and 3XL is new and we have expanded our offer for basic shirts due to the high demand of our customers. Order your shirt in your size and color immediately online!

You get the basic shirts in different styles. Here we put on variety to meet every taste. Tops, Longtops, Shirts with long and short sleeves, Longshirt, various cut-outs leave nothing to be desired. Tops and shirts can also be combined in the Lagenlook. In the sleeves of the short-sleeved shirts we pay attention that these are not too short for you to feel well-dressed. The shirts are not skin-tight, so they are very beneficial.

The Quality Of A Basic Shirt

We work closely with our manufacturer in Europe. The quality of the Deerberg shirts can make you feel. The fabric – which is 100% cotton – feels robust and is simply firmer and thicker. These shirts retain their shape even after repeated washing. So you will have a long time to enjoy your new favorite piece. They must buy more rare shirts and the bottom line will be cheaper.

Our experience shows that when you find the right shirt, it does not remain with one color.