Bargain!! 1803 Everlast Boxing Gloves Rodney Only 21.80 Euros

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Whether you already carry a time in the boxing world as if you are considering you take your first steps, I am sure that you know the importance that it is having a good gloves, not only so that you’re comfortable with the practice, but also to avoid injury because of a misguided strike. And if you were thinking to get ahold of a pair of new gloves, you can come well take a look at these 1803 Everlast Rodney by just 21.80 euros in Amazon Spain.

It can be a good opportunity to retire your boxing gloves today by new quality, which as mark Amazon, have a recommended retail price of 39 euros, what it would cost you onRoninwea and Element Box, and have somewhat discounted in other stores likeAthlete Shop and Sport Tiejde, to 31.95 and 34.95 euros respectively and without adding shipping costs , so on Amazon, as well as take them at the cheapest price in the market, you ahorrarías you a 45% on its official selling price. At this price you have the model in blue 14 oz, although for a few euros more you have the version of 10 oz .

Brand Everlast little I can tell you that you don’t know already by now, a leading company in material used by amateur and professional boxing. In the particular case of these gloves Rodney, feature a classic design with the Everlast printed logo at cuff and velcro closure, being good gloves for sparring and training with bag or oven mitts.

They are manufactured in faux leather with 3 layers of foam , which give a total thickness of 3.2 cm, offering very high levels of protection to keep your hands safe at all times. They have holes in the Palm of the hand to improve its breathability anddouble seams to increase its useful life. Casting an eye to 10 reviews from Amazon, we can deduce that they are a good choice for who starts in the boxing world:

They are of good quality and have good price, they are well suited.
Buy them for my son, who began boxing.

To take your first steps in the world of boxing, as these Everlast gloves can come as ring finger. I hope that you enjoy your acquisition.