Bamboo Loop, The Wacom Based Messaging Application on Cards

There are two trends that have much weight in the world of applications right now: on the one hand those of photo retouching, on the other hand of IM to chat with your contacts without resorting to the SMS. Each other they seem to far.

Wacom has decided to take the plunge and create an intersection between the two roads. Bamboo Loop It is a messaging client, but at the same time it is a form of taking photos, retouch and share them. All this with the Wacom drawing and scribbling over touch.

The proposal of the digitalizadoras company is quite curious: we do a picture, we apply a filter and a framework, Add a doodle (with the finger or any stylus) and finally to slide your finger over the picture to send it to a contact.

The concept is good as exploits two ideas that now have much pull with the own Wacom technology but without making it especially intrusive. Everything seems quite unique and personal so exclusive message to our friends and to share certain things seem fairly comfortable.

That Yes, at the moment Android users We will have to wait a bit. The application is now available in iOS and Wacom are asking for a little patience while we can point us to the mailing list to let know us when you arrive, but now we will do the same here also.