Balenciaga Resort Collection

Paris was the scene of one of the most anticipated resort collections, that of Balenciaga and his beloved Nicolas Ghesquière. Ghesquière is undoubtedly one of the most visionary designers of our time, convinced that his vision is not afraid to dare and experiment, and by this his character has won the hearts of many fashionistas, who own Balenciaga fans are fierce. Having said that actually the resort 2011 collection lascia- or at least I lascia-a bit ‘perpelssa. Pass the tests, pass the exercises in style, and also the steps particular vision of the well-known designer who gave the brand a spirit not too futuristic covertly that distinguishes it and now characterizes it.

But the collection “techno bohème” (as he called the designer) of Nicolas Ghesquière for Balenciaga, is a Cruise unusual that lacks continuity, and is in some ways unsettling if you love the characteristic style of the brand.

Ghesquière has looked to the late Cristobal Balenciaga and his plan to find inspiration for the new Cruise and cult items over the years have established the identity of the fashion house back and reinvented with a modern twist, and according to the taste of the artistic director of the fashion house. There are the 50 signed by the great master, who made ​​the uniforms aviator an indisputable cult for the new millennium bathe in acid colors, but then there are also dresses as a hippie, minidress and structured futuristic allure, and again liberty prints revisited in ultramodern invading dresses, pants and tops, for a total of 29 outfits. Do not know about you, but I am not at all enthusiastic about the 2011 bag collection for BAGLIB. Perhaps because of a genius as creative as Nicolas Ghesquière I was expecting something more.