Backpack with Alarm to Prevent Theft When You Are Distracted

Nowadays we can already find backpacks that have much more functions than saving a notebook, book or carry the weight of a notebook in the back.Some comes with rechargeable battery that will give a charge to your gadgets that you are carrying and others even recharge this battery with a solar panel.But the problem is that with so much money we carry, such as cell phones, tablets and notebooks, it is dangerous to leave the backpack somewhere, but for this problem there is a backpack that comes with integrated alarm.

With the name of iSafe, the backpack looks just like any other you find in the shops of the city, except that in this model you find a blush hidden in one of the straps that stays on the person’s shoulder.When someone pulls the backpack and this rope is pulled too, a light will flash in her outer pocket and a siren will ring, calling every possible attention to the school bullying or any robbery when we are walking on the street.

According to, the rope can be pulled without the backpack being taken, which is useful when someone tries to open their zipper without you being aware of it. The company responsible for the backpack ensures that the sound of the siren is loud enough that it can be noticed within a radius of up to 304 square meters, enough to alert someone who can help you. The incredible thing is that this backpack does not cost a hundred dollars, even with such a great novelty. It comes out for $ 60.00 and I believe it’s worth every penny.