Back to School: 10 Applications to Study

The back-to-school is almost upon us, so, all of which facilitate the work of the students is welcome. Stay tuned for the 10 applications to study.

Apps for Studying

It is unquestionable the influence of the new technologies in the contemporary world, therefore, you have to learn how to take full advantage of the tools that we have available. As such, at the time of preparing for the return to classes, we present 10 applications to study.

From a certain point in time, children and teens want and should be more autonomous in what the study says about it. This does not mean that parents cannot help, quite the contrary, nor that they can’t use tools to facilitate the study, as is the case of the new technologies and all the benefits that they entail.

Although the options in Portuguese are still scant, we’ve collected 10 applications to study that cover the different disciplines, as well as help in management of time.


If there is space to install games and social networks, so mobile phones and tablets also have to have space for the applications to study. It is a good compromise between parents and children and a the balance healthy between leisure and obligation.


The Habitica comes to the life of the users as if it were a game, where you can list the tasks of the day, putting time-limits for their achievement, and if you fail to comply with the obligations, your digital avatar will be punished.


The application Wolfram Alpha works as a true online encyclopedia for academic affairs and still helps you solve mathematical equations, showing the solution, step-by-step.


The look account. And the same happens with the presentations of the work that, in addition to good content, should be more and more original and innovative. With Prezi you can lay aside the tools of the old show, and can produce interactive presentations, with videos and transition effects unusual. In addition to the application, this tool can also be used on the computer.


“I’m going to take a break of 5 minutes to go to Facebook.” How many times already have we not heard this and the 5 minutes turn into 50? If you have this problem, please download the application Keep Me Out!, that will block access to any site that may hinder your performance during your studies or at work.


The dictionary Priberam is a free app, that allows the query of 16 dictionaries, being that four of them are contemporary Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil, with and without spelling agreement), and the other 12 are translation. Has more than 110,000 entries and is one of the most useful tools available for either phone, you want to the computer.


Accessible also offline, the ExamTime does not need the internet. With this app you can organize your study and create notes, conduct quizzes, and access to more than two million of study materials, share features for Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. The resources are obtained online, but once downloaded is always available.


This free application for all operating systems that allows any equipment with a camera to function as a scanner. This way, you can take pictures with the camera and convert the images into PDF files or JPEG files, send them by e-mail or simply store them in the equipment.


One of the applications of the languages most known, Duolingo offers, in Portuguese, free courses of English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian. The app is divided into different modules and each one counts with exercises of writing, listening, speaking and translation.


It is more than an app, Wattpad is a kind of library that allows you to access a variety of works by cell phone. With the application to study, you can customize the settings of read and connect with other readers and writers – in addition, of course, keep reading.


Lastly, but perhaps the app’s most important of all: the New Spelling Agreement. For those who have not yet become accustomed to the new rules, this application shows all the changes to be made in a text, as well as the rules to be applied.