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How to Build a Laundry Room

To multiply functions in a small space, laundry must meet some management measures.Wash, dry, store, and sometimes iron, it is to organize the room to exploit at best volumes.

Originally assigned to the unique laundry, laundry rooms were long relegated outside our homes, the more often at the bottom of the garden. But with the advent of central heating by the end of the 19th

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Backpack with Alarm to Prevent Theft When You Are Distracted

Nowadays we can already find backpacks that have much more functions than saving a notebook, book or carry the weight of a notebook in the back.Some comes with rechargeable battery that will give a charge to your gadgets that you are carrying and others even recharge this battery with a solar panel.But the problem is that with so much money we carry, such as cell phones, tablets and notebooks, it is dangerous to leave the backpack somewhere, but for this problem there is a backpack that comes with integrated alarm. Continue reading

The Chip Says Editors

With WearFaces, you will find a wide range of free skins for your smart watch – or create yourself so.

Wear of Android is Google’s platform for smart watches and the competitor to Apple Watch. As already in the smart phone counterpart Android, one of the big advantages over the Apple system should be the openness and adaptability of wear. With WearFaces about you can customize completely the appearance of the so-called “Watchfaces”, so the default screen, indicating time and date you. Continue reading