Athletic and Unbound – the Wireless Headset By ISY

Wired headphones are sometimes an obstacle at the sport . Either you “moved” the cable somehow awkwardly under the clothes of the Smartphone or MP3 player to the ears, or it dangles before a funny here. Much more convenient it is with Bluetooth wireless headphones. The prerequisite for this is of course, that the playback device supports Bluetooth. Recently ISY has provided two of their headsets me testing available.

According to themotorcyclers, ISY is an in-house brand of media-Saturn group and settles in the bottom, low price segment. The products are available at Media Markt and Saturn.

ISY IBH 4000

Athletic and Unbound - the Wireless Headset By ISY

The IBH 4000 is a wireless in-ear -headset which is especially suitable for sporting use. The music is received from the mobile device via Bluetooth v4. 1, which works in practice (at my iPhone 6). The two headphones are connected only with a short cable which leads to the other in the neck from one ear.

Use one can the player via the integrated cable remote to the IBH 4000. The three generously sized buttons, you can play the music, stop, adjust the volume, as well as in the playlist and jump back. In addition, a microphone for hands-free calling is integrated. On the remote control, there is also the micro-USB connector through which the headset is charged. Delivered the IBH 4000 with the appropriate USB cable, as well as 3 different fitting pieces is so the headphones comfortably and safely sit in the ear canal.

In practice I had the IBH 4000 in some races. A clear point of criticism, which I noticed in particular when running, is the oversized and very heavy cable remote control. The left earphone stays over the entire run across in your ear, the right constantly loosens or falls down and completely out of the ear. Why is the remote control which pulls through the movement at each step on the headphones. When my Plantronics Bluetooth headset (BackBeat GO 2) remote control is much more compact, among other things because the USB connector and the battery in the earpiece itself. Other adapters bring unfortunately does not help with the IBH 4000.

The sound quality is running OK. You listen to music in a quiet place, but realize that the sound is very muffled and lacks clear tones. I’m truly not particularly audiophile, but even I notice something in sound quality missing here.

ISY IBH 2000

The IBH 2000 is similar to the IBH 4000, a wireless Bluetooth headset with the difference that it is worn “On-Ear”. Is suitable also for sporting use. Due to the design you should use it rather less sweat-inducing activities, which is why I’ve tested the headset even in the running (apart from the fact, that’s really upfor looks to run with the Ohrwärmern).

The pairing with the Bluetooth player (Smartphone, Tablet, etc.) work fine. Also the IBH 2000 has a built-in microphone to speak freely. Music or calls can be controlled via the buttons on the left headphone. The sound is better than at the IBH 4000, but also here you should not expect miracles.


ISY offers the IBH 4000 and the IBH 2000 quite cheap headsets, which are suitable for sporting use. Personally especially the in-ear headset IBH 4000 could not really convince me, because the headphones during intense sports not reliably stay in the ear canal. The value for money is 29,99 Euro (EIA for IBH 4000 as well as IBH 2000) just so in order. In this price segment can be seen to be but likes the competition, which has slightly more elegantly solved in particular the problem of the voluminous wired remote.