Asymmetric Swimsuits

Today makes a day of stunning Beach and that many will enjoy a swim in the sea or the pool, we will analyze one of the bathroom trends more complicated I think. The asymmetric swimsuits. It is clear that when we go to the Sun we are looking for a Tan uniform and without marks.

Why not ending succeed the trikinis, or the bikinis and swimwear with strange cuts that leave you full of marks body. But the fashion influences everything, and if Lanvin proposes a single strap evening dresses, this trend is also reflected on the catwalk of bath, for example, in the from DKNY. The patterned bathing suit seems cute with the flowers and the hand finishing neckline that makes it seem that we have more chest than we really have, but do like to you? or do you prefer bathing suits of all life?

If you like the asymmetrical touch, East Dunadu washer striped navy also like. Perhaps are not to take it every day, but to combine with any other bikini or bathing suit can still go to the latest trend and furthermore get morays without problems.

Far is the maximum that bathing suit is the most serious in the fashion of bath. If the bikinis dare with more measures why bathing suit would be less? The celebrities they are encouraged with some more challenging models to eliminate any bias on this swimwear.

Selena Gomez is who is thrown to the sea of St. Tropez with this so tight white swimsuit.

For its part, Paris Hilton leaves both mini bikini and is agency a swimsuit in black where presumed figure.

Bathing suits are also to be provocative

  • Swimsuit set of Diesel, cotton and back transparent. 36 euros.
  • Bershka It aims to crochet in this bathing suit of polyamide. For 7.99 euros.
  • ASOs He moved the Roman sandal to the polyamide swimsuit. per 49,29 EUR.

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