AsteroidOS, a Free Operating System, and Hackable That Can Already Install on Android Wear

Android Wear has become in a very closed operating system both for users and for manufacturers of devices. It is very comfortable to use, Yes, but its customization capabilities are so scarce in the end bring a model or another only differs in design, screen and battery. If you’re tired of your limitations, you’ll know that there are people who are working on an alternative.

It was at the end of last year when we learned of AsteroidOS, a free operating system which was intended to be a free alternative to Google’s platform. After a time in development, already we can make it work in a LG G Watch, and if we have sufficient skill, launch a version for other smartwatches with Android Wear. Its creators will present the creature officially at the end of this month.

A modest competitor for Android Wear

AsteroidOS is an operating system based on GNU/Linux and built with the possibility of making it modular. I.e., that both programmers and users can decide how they want to be your watch and so to customize it with different applications, widgets and functions. Everything Android Wear you not offer Google forcing you to go through the ring without leaving you with many options.

Finally an up-to-date video of @AsteroidOS with updates to asteroid-launcher, Calculator, Stopwatch, Settings etc… our site/7pvfANIpk8

— AsteroidOS (@AsteroidOS) December 24, 2015

The operating system SDK is based on Qt5 and QML, a modular platform that allows you to create mobile applications for different operating systems. If you don’t know it and are curious, give it a try because it is fairly intuitive. At the moment there are few apps for AsteroidOS but in the future is expected to be more, if reception is positive.

At the moment the system It can be installed on the LG G Watch. If you take a look at your wiki, you will find all the necessary steps to carry out the installation. Will you reach the rest of watches with Android Wear? Possibly, but time will have to wait either get us our own hands to work to remove a port. If you want to contribute, on Github you have documentation. You can add more or simply tinker with the version that is available today.

The idea of this system is very good: wants to fill the gap that Google is not able to fill with Android Wear. His major obstacle will be seated on a very small niche that will take to have a system that is easy enough to use and install for any user. They will not be mainstream but will be there to remind you to Mountain View that its platform has much to improve.