Architecture Design for House Plan

We know how cumbersome and tiring reform can be. We also know that the result almost always worth your efforts and a small change in the architecture of your home can completely change the way you relate to your home.

To give you a little inspiration at the time of struggle, the webpage separated 6 projects of existing spaces reforms that have achieved incredible results. See below:

The Residence | NatureHumaine

This apartment of 40 years in Canada was transformed into a contemporary duplex. Optimization of spaces and highlighting the family living areas were secured with the renovation.

The extensive use of glass on the facade guarantees lightness and energy saving construction.

Moor Street | Maynard Architects

The renovation of this house in Australia has preserved the central facade and has completely restored construction background. The second floor, rebuilt in two parallel volumes, ensures shadow areas in the backyard of the funds and enables the insertion of a winter garden inside the building.

Independent volumes also make the impact on the ground become smaller and the interior spaces more welcoming.

Casa KCV | Graux & Baeyens Architecten

The reform of KCV House assured range for a tight building between two other buildings. The restructuring of the facade allowed large openings for natural light and the contact with the permanent view of the park.

There are rooms with complementary functions on each floor, which ensured the natural flow of the residents.

Spectral Apartment | Betillon & Dorval-Bory

The solution to this apartment with the coverage of only 20m2 and little natural lighting was to bet on high-tech at After the reform, the space has become multi-functional and architects relied on neutral colors on the walls to highlight the light that warms the atmosphere.

The bipolarity of colors was based on the functions of each room and have become a crucial element of space composition.

Housing MR | Sergio Ruggeri

The result of almost a complete reconstruction, Vivienda MR, located in Paraguay, was an old unfinished mansion with structural problems. The solution to house of the growing family was the expansion of the ground floor and simplification of the structural part.

Contrasting materials like hardwood and glass make a contemporary composition on the first floor.

Vasco Loft | urban architecture

The architects who designed the renovation of Vasco Loft intended to make this unfinished structure of 246m2 habitable. Drawing according to the lifestyle of resident, made the industrial aspect integrated into the construction.

The roof was lined with vegetation that helped control temperature and water drainage.