Apple Watch: Sales Start Before March 2015

Samsung, Motorola, LG and Sony have already brought their own Smartwatches on the market and thus further stimulating the age of modern wearables. 

Apple will present in the near future with the Apple Watch, according to rrrjewelry. While the piece of high-tech for the wrist to the last keynote was presented, the launch on which can wait. Apple leaves out the upcoming and also really important Christmas business, among others. First, it was said that the Apple Watch early 2015 on the market comes.Now new information leaked out, which forecast a sales start after March of next year.

Apple Watch Is Still Waiting

Why Apple brings the Apple Watch until relatively late in the sale is not clear so far. In view of the fact that the competition is not asleep and diligently puts products on the market, that certainly can compete with the Apple Watch, actually penetrates the start date. So, Microsoft recently announced a Smartwatch which not only with the hotel’s own Windows phone operating system is compatible, but also with Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android interacts. iPhone users will hence Apple watch alternatives, can be directly started with those.

Consumers Are Spending Still Very Subdued

9to5 Mac according to report of the always well informed Apple blog, Apple’s boss in the area has the store employees via video message taught by the release date of the new Apple Watch retail stores and online sales of Angela Ahrendts. The Apple Watch will cost at least 349 US dollars.While the customer between different bracelets, colors and types of materials can choose. Apple offers watches for sports promoters but also for the business class. According to analysts, Apple 2015 could almost 10 million Apple watches with an average sale price of 500 SU sell dollars.While the forecasts are quite cautious. Experts warn of an overvalued boom. Still, consumers are more skeptical and know not all to do too much with a Smartwatch. After the time the trend is however also in this market next ride to take. Companies like Apple are able with new products to revolutionize an already existing market. With the Apple Watch can be paid immediately also without cash.