Apple Presents Ipad Air 2 And Ipad Mini 3

A few minutes ago Apple unveiled two new tablet computer. As the iPad mini 3 was introduced in addition to the only 6.1 mm thin iPad air 2.

The Apple iPad air 2 could be thinner than its predecessors, as photionary says. Good 18 per cent flatter fails this tablet to the iPad air 1. The new display technology makes this possible. Apple can namely be more no free space between the LCD and the glass, but laminated both components.While the resolution when compared to its predecessor is still unchanged, there will be significantly less reflections.

Apple used the A8Xchip in the iPad air 2. The performance increase should be very recognizable especially at games. The M8 coprocessor is like the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus also used. The front-facing camera iSight resolves with 8 megapixels. In addition, supports the sensor slow motion and time-lapse and offers now similar to great opportunities for video fans such as the two new iPhones. As a further innovation at the Apple iPad air 2 is the fingerprint sensor touch to call ID, Apple now also integrated, after this iPhone since the 5s in the smartphones will be installed. With the iPad air 2, Apple separates in addition the mute button and the buttons for editing the volume at the line.

The iPad air 2 can be ordered now at a price of 499, 599 or $ 699 in the WiFi version in three different colors. The variants with a LTE costs hit with 629, 729 and $ 829 to beech. Apple the iPad air 2 in the Save options offers 16, 64 and 128.

The iPad mini 3

In addition to the iPad air 2 Apple showed that also iPad mini 3. Apple updated this device significantly fewer components than at the iPad air 2. 16 GB Wi-Fi Variant that starts 3 at $ 399 iPad mini.