Apple Loosens the Grip with New Distribution Deal

A new distribution agreement for iPhones makes now that it will be possible for many more it vendors to get iPhones on the shelves.

Apple has created a new distribution agreement with Tech Data for iPhones, which means it will now be possible for many more it vendors to get iPhones on the shelves. Tech Data distributes already both MacBooks and iPads. It writes our site.

This new agreement is a huge change in Apple’s sales strategy, where dealers in both retail and SMB market until now has been relegated to buying their iPhones directly from Apple or via a telecommunications operators.

-“It is a very big change for Apple. For just a few years ago all went through operators, “says Tech Data’s head of mobile and Telecom, Jacob Nisssen.

Nadeau also informs that the new agreement is negotiated at European level and entered into force in Denmark earlier this month.


-“In the past, Apple has not had a distribution-setup on the iPhone. Now you come so a little wider into the market rather than solely relying on telecommunications operators. This makes the goods more available. We live, after all, to serve the it channel, so we have an entirely different focus on dealers than telecom operators, “said Nadeau.

It also means, according to Nadeau, especially business customers will be able to look forward to a better service on their iPhones.

-“We will have the opportunity to assign services to shipment such as preload of apps and software in specific negotiating cases. Our model also puts up to that specialty stores like Humac and Eplehuset advantageously can buy in with us, “said Nadeau.

Retailer giant Atea also shows satisfaction with the new agreement.