Apple iOS 7-When a New Start Bodes Well

The update has, since the publication received mixed reception. After the storm has subsided, it is now time to look at why the upgrade is worth it.

Apple has several times considered conservative when it comes to the appearance of iOS. After updating to iOS 7, it is no longer the case!

In this review of the iOS 7.0.4 I have also not going to stir up debate about what qualifies good and bad design, as it always will be a matter of taste. I will instead focus on what the new design, in my personal opinion, are of importance to the user experience.

Design, animations and parallax-Changing delight!
It all starts on the beautiful lock screen, which now has gained direct access to the message center and the new control center.

When you unlock the iOS device, skip the redesigned icons down and Lands on the screen with a compelling animation.

The upgrade gives the user the feeling that have gotten a whole new phone, but one like the instantly familiar.

Apple has also amended the animation when jumping in and out of apps, since you now, for example, comes out on the home screen of the app’s location then. It gives a good feel.

IOS device reacts now also on movements, with the new effect which means that you can look behind the icons.

The new “parallax” is criticized, however, by many users because the device now doesn’t show the whole background image as in the past. So it is not general knowledge that this feature to “zoom” in on the image in order to create the effect.

The feature can be disabled, but then removed the “zoom effect” sorry too.

Multitasking-another step towards reconciliation with Mac
Apple has redesigned their multi-tasking function which helps you skip back and forth in open apps.

Function, which is activated by a double click on the home button, shows the small, beautiful screen shots of your open apps in chronological order you can peruse.

My looks are starting to look like what they are doing on function operating system for Mac. I wonder if Apple is really a step nearer the unification of their systems into one unified and consistent user experience? Judge for yourself!

Folders-Now with lots of space!
Finally, we can create folders for the home screen with many apps that are separated by pages. It is a much needed upgrade in these “There is an app for that”-times.

Control center-Borrowed but improved
Apple has, with the control center, implemented a feature which Android users have long enjoyed.

The function that is activated by pulling up from the bottom, provides quick access to useful settings shortcuts. Personally I use it when I just need to activate the “do not disturb”, Airdrop or maybe use a flashlight.

Message center-Delicious design with personality
The new message center with iOS 7 is nice and minimalistic. Function sharing now the content up on 3 sides can be easily navigated from. You be even aware of automatic app updates as at pressure can be further explored in the App Store. Brilliant!

Since “today” gives a description of the weather and an overview of the coming hours in the calendar. In addition, you can see at the bottom a little summary on the day ahead.

You can, however, wonder why Apple has removed the old “list view” view, and as for many users gave a better overview.

But it is now a little fun, that you may be asked to go to bed early.

Camera and Photos-like!
Apple has simplified control in “Camera” app, and added automatic classification of images in the redesigned “Photos” app.

There is even room for photo filters, which work both before and after the photo is taken from the iPhone.

Apple has also made sure that the photo sharing with “Photostream” now actually is sharing, so that more can share pictures and even video in the same stream.

Safari-the world’s best mobile browser, better …
Apple’s browser works now in full screen both horizontally and vertically. One-touch in top or bottom and you have all the familiar features as in the past.

In addition, you can now easily manage open Windows on the iPhone with the new “tabs”.

IOS 7 opens in addition for the “iCloud keychain” that intelligently manages all your usernames and passwords for websites from your iOS devices and Mac. And it works!

Airdrop-When NFC is not necessary. Yet.
The function “Airdrop” is Apple’s response to the lack of NFC, and the iPhone so does not need to “bumping” other phones to transfer content.

However, this feature requires a newer iOS device, but works perfectly. Time will tell whether the iOS devices can continue to manage without the NFC as before.

Security-Still high on the agenda at Apple
IOS 7 have extra focus on safety. As previously described then you should now use AppleID to restore the owner and thus delete an iOS device. It makes life miserable for the thieves, who are interested in getting their hands on them. Function requires to “Find iPhone” feature is turned on, which is also part of the Setup you are presented with.
IOS 7-cool design with room for improvement!
IOS 7 is a breath of fresh air to an operating system that udseendesmæssigt has not changed since the original iPhone. This update adds many features that are very much of the road improves an already user-friendly operating system, and takes one step closer to a unification with the Mac universe.

IOS 7 is not perfect. There is the expected imperfections, which will inevitably arise in such a large change of an operating system. As always, Apple both quickly with the global rollout of iOS as error corrections thereto.

I give iOS 7 five stars out of six possible.



+ New design and animations
+ Control center
+ Automatic update of apps
+ New Spotlight placement
+ The new Camera and Photos app
+ The new Safari app
+ Visually better multitasking
+ Airdrop

-“List view” is removed from the Calendar app
-Overview is deteriorated by the new Notification center
-Control of iOS 7 works sluggishly (pending corrections with iOS 7.1)
What do you think about iOS 7?