Andy, a New Android Emulator

It is never more to have Android in many more places better, whether on the phone or even on the desktop. This last is interesting mainly for developers, because they allow to give an idea of how it behaves an application without having to use the smartphone, something that some people want to love for the reason that it is.

Whatever your motivation to use Android on a computer without sacrificing her original operating system, Andy It is a good alternative for this purpose. Whether if we are developers, or simply if we want to have our Android on your computer, it is one alternative for this purpose, is always appreciated thing to give more freedom to the user.

Andy is compatible with computers with Windows and OS X, and includes some features that its competitors don’t have, pointing them to Bluestacks. Between tabs functions are to be able to use your Android device to control it or to pass files to the Android emulated directly from your computer.

Download Andy is completely free and without commitment from the official page of the project. It is certainly a great help for those who want to have an Android on your computer and although very few cases which need it, is never more have alternatives for all tastes.