Android X 86, All about The PC Version of Android

Android is a versatile operating system, not in vain have seen it running on a huge number of devices of different types, from radios to smartphones. However, her final leap to personal computers still so we hope, because Google has been very work – it has Chrome OS for these conflicts – or manufacturers have wanted to bet strong on PCs with Android with the exception of few laptops.

Android – x 86 is a project that seeks to Porting the mobile operating system platforms x 86 that allow its use in personal computers as a Linux distribution to use. Although it started with more moderate claims, its development is already very advanced, so our colleagues from Engadget hands have put to work to show us the possibilities of Android – x 86 today.

Even in the second part of his special show us how to download the ISO image of Android – x 86, discover whether our machine is compatible and to how to install it, so if anyone feels curiosity for how would be Android on your PC We encourage you to us to continue to Engadget to keep an eye on this project Android – x 86: