Android Wear 1.4: New Gestures, More Voice Commands for Messaging and Speaker Support

All watches Android Wear you will receive your new system update during the next few days to the version 1.4 based on 6.0 Android Marshmallow. Google has just confirmed after several months of waiting the release of the new version along with its list of news.

Android Wear 1.4 focuses on making watches much more easy and useful, adding new gestures of wrist, more actions voice for sending messages, and support of the speakers that make up some of their models.

New gestures

New gestures allow us to view the details of a notification, open the applications menu, open applications, go back to the clock display and much more with its simple blow of wrist in the air. In the next article you have all the details of the new Android Wear wrist gestures finally come after this update. So we play less the small screen of our clock.

Send more messages with only voice

Google announced this feature as a novelty, but has already been available in Android Wear since last October. It’s the new voice actions to send WhatsApp, Hangouts, Viber, WeChat, Telegram and NextPlus messages with “Ok Google”.

  • OK Google, sends a message of [application]
  • OK Google, just send a message [application]
  • OK Google, send a [application]
  • OK Google, sends a [application] to [contact]
  • OK Google, sends a message of [application] to [contact]
  • OK Google, just send a message [application] to [contact]
  • OK Google, just send a message to [contact] [application]
  • OK Google, just send [message] [contact] [application]
  • OK Google, sends a [application] to [contact] say [message]

We can change “sends” to “send”, “send” or “send”.

Make calls and listen to messages with the help of the speaker

Finally, another novelty that we have to see is the integrated speaker stand. Thus will be already possible to listen to calls, voice messages, music and video from the compatible watches, which at the moment are only Huawei Watch and the Asus ZenWatch 2 (49 mm). So it is no longer necessary to remove the phone to answer a call.