Android Interactive Watches

Almost done the new update expected by the end of July (but more likely to arrive in August) for the dedicated platform for wearable and smartwatch by Google. In recent days were already circulated the first rumors, confirmed today the first details on what to expect with this update, together with the first pictures that explain one of the most interesting news coming, Watch Faces interactive.

Android Wear currently accepts four different types of swype or gestures and to name a few examples, the swype on the left opens the launcher Launcher, swype down instead opens the quick settings, a long press opens the interface for selecting the watch face. With the next release just a single tap to start a series of predefined actions, introducing official support to this kind of gesture, until now only present in some watch faces made by third parties not so official.

A higher level of optimization that will use more quickly smartwatch, but that inevitably will delete the single tap to go to the launcher, a move almost obligatory, which will give way to swype left and right.

The second innovation concerns the messages, thanks to a new option called “Together”, anyone possessing a smartwatch at this latest version can exchange messages unlike vintage timepiece described on, stickers, emojis and doodles. At the moment there is little clarity about how this feature will be implemented but we will deepen it afterwards.

Finally, if you have a LG G Watch R, you’ll be pleased to know that the next update shouldenable Wi-Fi (already promised by LG by Q3), already available on other Android version 5.1.1 the smartwatch last Wear, better late than never.