Android Auto Will Remove Restrictions (At Stop)

Improvements in Google’s April have also come down to one of its lines of work less prolific, Android Auto. The latest version brings two new features that will cheer to some of its users, especially to Spanish speakers in America.

But before, the technical changes. The first guarantees an more reliable connection between the terminal and the vehicle’s system. It should be remembered that, as we explained Alejandro Nieto in its test Android Auto Fund, the first step is to connect two devices through key since it does not allow union using Bluetooth.

The second directly affects the broad usage limitations that their creators have put the system to avoid that people have temptations to fiddling with the car in motion.

Even with the vehicle is stationary, Android Auto allowed a maximum of six touches on the screen in any of the available music applications, so that all the navigation depended on voice commands introduced by Google Now. Starting with this release, Once the car is stopped, music apps are at complete disposal of the user via the touch panel.

It should be recalled that it is not the option to pick up the phone and manage it from there because once both devices are synchronized the smartphone screen goes to black and practically prevents from performing any management. Therefore, would have to disconnect the cable, order the songs and reconnecting.

Android Auto expansion in Latin America

Update on April 4 also makes the use of Android Auto in many countries more, most of them from Spanish-speaking officer.

In total there are 19 territories that gain support, starting with three giants such as India, Russia and Brazil (according to Google Play, not according to the tweet). The rest are in America except the speaking Switzerland and Austria. Throughout the Southern Cone falls within the expansion, just some Caribbean Territories, both continental and insular. The tweet of the flags ordered them one by one.

Full speed ahead.  #AndroidAuto is now available in 18 new countries

— Android (@Android) April 4, 2016

Since then are not improvements that need this platform to compete with the large amount of options that exist, both manufacturers of mobile and Giants car. The inclusion of a keyboard or messaging management are among them. But at least they are added that continuing to guarantee the safety of all passengers.