Amazing Bracelet That Regulates Our Body Temperature

Brilliant. That is what has seemed a priori the ingenious development of MIT that allows that everyone ends up being comfortable with a same room temperature. Goodbye to the discussions on if the heating or air conditioning are very high or low.

Wristify is a thermoelectric bracelet developed by engineers from MIT that allows regultar the temperature of the person that it takes putting skin pulse hot or cold that make that our body is always “to taste”.
Sam Shames, a veteran of MIT who helped invent this technology, his team was motivated by the traditional problem: the deal that everyone who is in a same room could enjoy from the most pleasant temperature for each. Shames said:

The human body and the human skin are not like a thermometer. If we put something cold directly in your body at a constant temperature, the body is acclimatized and fails to perceive it as cold.

As indicated in Wired, that happens for example when we take a dip in a river, a lake or the sea: at the beginning can we note very cold water, but after a while we just used us.

The continuous introduction of tiny impulses cold, he discovered Shames, makes the body think it’s cold. And Wristify basically makes us feel as freshly tucked in the Cantabrian Sea, or in a hot bath. Best of all, of course, is that we are the ones who control those impulses.

The bracelet that launches thermoelectric pulse is able to heat or cool the surface that is in contact with our skin to a rate of 0.4 ° C per second. Shames and his team have already tested the invention among friends, family and colleagues, and makes clear the promising of Wristify: “the most common reaction you get is that you see someone smiling”.

Now the device is a rough prototype, but its components are very cheap – about $50 in total – and seems to miniaturize it all properly will not be a big problem. If they manage to solve these problems can they get a real revolution temperature management.

As he said Shames, “why have a cold or heat in a building, when you can warm up or cool down to a single person?” Bright, do not you think?