Allo Includes Encryption End-To-End Open Whisper

During the presentation of the new Google Messaging application (Yes, another), little was said was said about the security of your application, beyond mentioning that it will have with a incognito mode to have secure conversations.

Now we have more details, directly from Open Whisper, the creators of the application of messaging supported by Edward Snowden Signal, and also the protocol encryption of open code that uses and also included in Allo, but only in part.

The end-to-end encryption Allo comes with the seal of quality of Open Whisper, though for now he has ‘I like”Edward Snowden as this encryption It is not enabled for all conversations by default, but only when deliberately opens a conversation in incognito mode.

Google ‘ s decision to disable end-to-end encryption by default in its new #Allo chat app is dangerous, and makes it unsafe. Avoid it for now.

— Edward Snowden (@Snowden) may 19, 2016

Open Whispers says in its blog post that they will disclose more technical information about this integration, when the application is available for download and may then know why encryption is not enabled by default. Meanwhile, there is speculation that precisely the feature star of Allo, the Intelligent Assistant, which prevents it, then the wizard needs to read messages to work.