Allo and Duo Have New Icons, Yes, Again

Google still playing the dismissal with two of its most anticipated applications: Allo and Duo. Both announced at Google I/O last and available on Google Play in registration mode, We are still waiting for that they are released into society.

A few months ago, back in June, both Allo and Duo changed their icons and cheated us thinking that the launch could be imminent. Now, the icons back to change, and this time much more dramatically. Are they about to be released?

Confirm the new icons, the truth is that we must recognize that this time they seem to more icons worthy of an application of this year Google and not ones created without inspiration in a free moment over the weekend. The obviousness of “snacks” including the name of the application gives way to two more square icons and using icons instead of letters. Allo is a sandwich of chat, y Duo is a video camera.

These icons are not switched on Google Play, where previous versions, is still looking, and although there is nothing confirmed, ring bells that at least Google Duo would be almost ready to be released. We’ll see if it’s true.