A Marathon with High Heels

What you see is a very peculiar race held in Mexico. Some 500 women signed up for tour 100 meters with at least 7 cm heel. The aim was to raise money for children with cerebral palsy.

The Winner Yamilé Alaluf he needed only 14 seconds and 74 thousandths to cross the finishing line. Of course this 31-year-old boy is the State Champion in the 1500 meters. Though I imagine that it is not the same run with proper footwear that with high-heeled sandals. In fact, after the race he confessed that they had been training especially for the occasion.

I would also need a special training, but not for running in heels to walk simply. Walking with high heels is not my thing. In fact, hold me in heels is not my thing. When I see these women running with heels I get depressed because they make it look very easy.

In the end, we will have to make a gallery of bizarre shoes in Jezebel. First, they were the typical plastic sandals and with our modified childhood buckle with a 10 cm heel. Then, the diving fins, also with a vertigo stiletto. And now this.

These Futsal shoes with heels remember me enough to sports carrying the other day Victoria Beckham. In fact, if there is someone able to wear these slippers, no doubt, is it.

For which you are not agree and think that these shoes have to be yours, sorry to tell you that they are not for sale. It is a campaign of the Milanese agency 1861 United to promote the equality of women in sports, as football. In addition to the shoe, they have also created a ball bag (below). Obviously, the perfect complement. What do you think?