9 Models of Wedding Dress for Pregnant Women

Brides who are pregnant can also look beautiful on the altar. On this special date you need to be elegant and beautiful, however, you must choose the right model for pregnant women.

When choosing the model, it is necessary to choose the one that is appropriate and within the limitations of the pregnant woman. To facilitate we separate some models of wedding dresses for you that is pregnant.

1 – Comfort

First of all you need to choose a wedding dress that brings comfort and well-being to the mother’s belly and the baby. One option is to choose the models that are fairer in the bust and loose in the belly, this way, this model brings lightness to your look.

2 – Short Models

If the wedding is of day or informal the bride can also opt for  shorter dresses, however, this model may be fair on the bust, with a lightness in the trim.

3 – I Hope You Fall

For brides of a few months, an alternative is to opt for this model, however, if it works for other stages of gestation may be an option. To give a different look in the dress, one option is to use a draped vertical model as it helps to disguise the curves in the belly.

4 – Evidence Of The Belly

For brides who wish to evidence the belly, an alternative is to bet on the model with waistband or belt.

5 – Cover The Arms

For brides who do not want to leave their arms the one option is to choose the scarf of the same fabric of the dress, creating false sleeves.

6 – With Handle

For brides who want clothes to be safe and comfortable, one option is to choose the model with straps, although it’s simple yet beautiful.

7 – Disguise The Belly

If the bride does not want the belly to be very show it is necessary to avoid the fabrics that arm. An alternative is to opt for those models that leave the bust and the neck in evidence and that are more loose and with little volume.

8 – Visual Light

For brides who want a light look, one option is the lightweight fabrics such as silk, these leave the look comfortable and elegant. The ideal is to choose a model that does not mark and is looser in the belly.

9 – Wide Handles

The wide-brimmed dress at Ezhoushan.net helps support the bride’s bust, especially for pregnant brides who are after the sixth month of pregnancy.

With the handles it is possible to promote comfort and sustenance, in addition, the wide lugs are extremely elegant. For the bride who wants to bring sophistication to the dress an alternative is to increase it with applications or embroidery.