7/8 Length Crop Pants

The new way to wear the pants? Cup-or roll-up to the ankle. Discover this trend that suits the majority of silhouettes! A minimum investment for maximum style!

Crop Pants

First observation… no purchase necessary!

The trend of the shortened pants does not necessarily require a new purchase. If you take the time to poke around in your pants collection (including your jeans), you will find surely one or two specimens that can easily be shortened at low cost by your seamstress or, better yet, simply rolled the ankle.

Shortened trousers vs. capri

Second, it is useful to specify that ‘shortened pants’ does not mean ‘capri ‘.Commonly called “capri” pants cut about mid-calf. This style (very popular also!) is often criticized for its negative effects on the silhouette… The length of the shortened trousers is at the level of the ankle or slightly above. Unlike the capri, a narrow model of shortened pants (“skinny” cuts, cigarette or right leg), especially if it comes with a high heel is very flattering and lengthens the silhouette.

Loose fit: maternity

Watch the full and shortened pregnant pants on BRIDGAT: this is a more delicate style to control which may crush the silhouette… It goes without saying that I recommend to wear with a shoe high heel.

The friend of the flat heel

The flat part of the major trends of the moment. The pants cut short (narrow or right leg) is ideal for exhibiting this type of shoe without too much smaller.

How to Wear?

We can put it on as soon as the arrival of spring, despite the chilly weather, combined with some booties.

And this summer, finally, we’ll be wearing our pants cut short with pretty sandals!