7 Tips To Use In Decorating Chandeliers

The chandeliers are decorative elements that really make all the difference in environments, right? Exquisite, elegant and sophisticated, they light up the space and give a special shine to the decor. The only problem is that this type of attachment is not so easy to match as it sounds. In this case, the line between the good and the bad taste is pretty tenuous. To help you in this complicated Mission and decorate your home beautifully using chandeliers, we have listed here some amazing tips. Were you curious? Then check out:

Differentiate lamps chandeliers

Except for the fact that they both can be hung on the ceiling to illuminate environments, chandeliers and light fixtures have, in fact, more differences than similarities. The chandeliers are more sumptuous, some of whom are true jewels. The luminaires, for your time, can be small, rustic and amazingly simple. Something is something and another thing is another thing, have you?

Learn choose chandeliers

There are several types of chandeliers on the market. Some of them are huge candelabras suspended, as many are made of glass, Crystal, fiber, stones, metal and so on. There are even chandeliers of recyclable materials such as pet bottle. Then the choice will more a matter of taste and suitability to the environment.

Give due prominence to the chandelier

The chandelier is a decorative piece that definitely deserves attention. Rightfully so, must be the Centre of interest in the environment — the example of hall, the mezzanine or even in the dining room. Hardly a chandelier is responsible for general lighting of a room, even running as a complement to the decoration.

Seek out the decorative balance

Chandeliers, per se, are quite striking objects, sometimes too big and with many details. Therefore, it is essential to combine them with discrete elements, neutral colors and elegant, yet simple parts. This causes the visual be harmonious, elegant and clean. The excess of information, on the contrary, just leaving the heavy decor.

Avoid chandeliers in the kitchen

Chandeliers can be a part of the decoration of rooms, bedrooms, hallways or even of particular libraries, however, should not be placed in kitchens or gourmet areas, since, unfortunately, the grease from food permeates very quickly in the buff, and make cleaning the piece.

Combine the lustre decoration concept

The chandelier can be wonderful, but if you don’t match the concept of decorative and general lighting design of the space, the effect can be simply disastrous. Set if the chandelier is rustic, romantic, retro, classic, modern or glamorous. That makes all the difference in the decoration. It is important to also consider their personal tastes. If you make the line more discreet, a huge chandelier of crystals may not be the best option for decorating your home, don’t you agree?

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Respect the rule of proportio

To prevent the space seem shorter than it really is, don’t put very large chandeliers in compact environments. Similarly, do not use a chandelier too small in large spaces. Choose always proportional elements to ensure a balance in the decoration.

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