7 Tips Of Male Belts To Buy Online

Belts are the ideal accessories to give the finishing look, your absence causes a certain estrangement in some looks and, in addition, they say a lot about your style and the way you relate to the fashion.

Custom Leather Belt

You can choose the design printed on the leather and have their initials on a metal plate, the fittings are basic and good size. For those who want a custom piece is a good option.

Military Canvas Belt

Militarism is always present on fashion and looks like it will arise even harder in the winter 2017. A belt of canvas in olive tones, Navy or beige is ideal to give a hint to visual basic martial with a jeans or a chino and one boot a bit heavier.

Vans Checkerboard Leather Belt

The checkerboard gives style without letting it flashy. Blends well with shorts and sneakers, but can also accompany an urban costume with jeans or pants color cool and a desert boot.

Basic Brown Leather Men’s Belt

This is the type of belt that you must have in your wardrobe, as it combines all that is casual and there’s still an “up” on the look. The brown leather tone will make a good contrast with items in blue and the stitching finish ensures that the piece doesn’t get too basic.

Colorful Canvas Belt Sergio K

A colorful canvas belt serves to give a touch more relaxed to the outfit, running well on casual occasions. Its versatility allows you to combine it with khaki shorts or a Twill pants, for example.

Social Double-Sided Belt

For you who rarely uses social costume this double sided belt can break a galhão: he has a Brown face and one black, and can be combined with the two most common shoe colors when it comes to shoes.

Colored Belt With Leather Detail

Indicated for those who are very sure of your style and combines clothes firmly, because it has a bold, slightly attenuated by leather detail and sophistication of the braided cord. If you don’t like this template take a look at the monochrome options, are different colors, for sure one of them will please you.


The figures above do not include shipping costs and possible fees that might apply to imported products, so inquire about it at the time of purchase.