7 Ports USB 3.0 Hub

Hello geeks!

7 Ports USB 3.0 Hub

Today I propose to discover a HUB with not less than 7 USB 3.0 ports!

This should be ample enough to allow you to connect all your devices at the same time.

This USB HUB proposed by Victsing has a nice design of aluminum painted with beautiful finishes. It will be the most beautiful effect next to a laptop with a finish in aluminium or next to one or more Apple products that always adopt this style of look.

The HUB offers 7 USB ports which are sufficiently apart for that devices or USB keys you put on don’t spill over into adjacent USB ports.

The HUB is self-powered through the port on which you plug in, it also has an electric entrance on the side but no charger is provided it’s a shame.

That means finding a charger with a diet that’s fine if you want to connect several hard disks at the same time it for example

The cable for connecting the HUB is very solid and thick, it measures 30 cm.

A non-skid pad is present under the HUB, it will find its place on your desktop.

I could test the 7 ports with different devices (on Windows 10) without any worries: keys USB dongle wifi, bluetooth, external hard drive, charging cable and synchronization to smartphone etc. everything works fine.

I saw a very slight decrease in performance in terms of throughput if it connects on the HUB or directly on the PC when transferring files, but it’s really minimal (about 1 to 2% slower on the HUB).

However, this will be clearly visible if you do multiple transfers at once for multiple devices on the HUB.

Here are the photos taken during the test:

  • Here is the packaging of the product
  • We find back some information on the HUB
  • Here is the beast
  • 7 ports USB 3.0
  • A 30 cm cable and brushed aluminium design
  • A non-skid pad is present at the bottom of the HUB
  • An electric is expected but the AC adapter is not provided.
  • Here it is next to a laptop to give you an idea of its size

To conclude we can say that the USB HUB 7 ports of eusbhubs is a handy product with a nice design.

The finishes are very good and the correct price: count €22,29 at Amazon at the moment I write these lines.

We appreciate that the USB sockets are spaced on the other hand we are disappointed by the lack of a power adapter that would have been very useful if you plan to connect several hard disks even pay a few euros more.