6 Beautiful Ways to Wear Earrings

1. Beautiful Cheating

You have no ear piercing? No problem. The times of the comic clip earrings, which do not even particularly well looked schummelten a piercing, where none was are long forgotten. The so-called ‘ear cuffs’ are new. These can be individually attached to the side of the ear. Best of all: You are a pain-free alternative to the piercing and this ultra-modern look. Ear cuffs are there for example about asos, to 7.50 euros.

6 Beautiful Ways to Wear Earrings 1

2. Beautiful Cheating 2.0

Is a (fake) ear piercing not enough? Several ‘ear cuffs’ can be worn easily over each other. The look seems even wilder. It is noble with ear cuffs made of real gold, for example by Wendy Nichol, 315 euro.There are simple plug for example about forever 21, 4 euros.

3. Statement Earring

Who is a simple outfit looking after statement jewelry, we recommend a single ear cuff, which decorated the entire ear. For example aboutforever 21to 7 euros. At best the ear through the appropriate hairstyle (ponytail, Chignon, etc.) in scene set. Choose only a simple plug as a contrast for the second ear.

6 Beautiful Ways to Wear Earrings 2

4. Optical Illusion

This arrow that seemingly “shoot through the earlobe” manages a wonderful optical illusion. In truth, it is a normal plug. Real white gold and 18-carat, there is this variant on net-a-porter, 1,800 euros.

5. Casual Node

You are in the current season the new Hoop Earrings: earrings, whose Stecker are connected with the piece of jewelry through a chain. So they act as nobly as hoops and are at the same time casual. For example about forever 21to 7 euros.

6 Beautiful Ways to Wear Earrings 3

6 Small And Fine

Dainty earrings are especially hot this season. If you have multiple earlobes, can combine here varied. But there are also ear cuff to connect in small versions. You get dainty plug for example aboutStyleServer, between 29 and 150 euros.