6 Apps To Stop Your Addiction To Your Smartphone

Add to your phone? Here are some applications to help you with that! Ironic, but true.

If you’re a busy professional, like most today, it may be hard to get away from your cell phone screen.Between applications, mail and social networks, we are constantly distracted in the world of the phone. It may seem contradictory to use an app to disconnect from it, but in an era where we use our smartphone practically for everything, it makes sense to fight fire with fire.

Here are six applications to help you, well, stop using apps:

  1. Offtime (iOS, Android)

This application helps users to disconnect by blocking distracting applications like Facebook and games, in addition, filters the communications. Includes information on the actual use of the smartphone. You can choose adapted manners, like work, family, or time for me, to make sure you have access to the things you need, but you will not be distracted when you do not. This app also offers analytics on your use of the phone and can become an important wake up call that helps to curb your habits.

6 Apps To Stop Your Addiction To Your Smartphone

  1. Moment (iOS)

Moment keeps track of how you use your device and allows you to set daily limits; The application notifies you if you exceed them. You can even set it up so that it “forces” you to leave your phone aside, through annoying alerts on your screen when you try to extend your usage time. This app can also be used for families, and can track the use of your family’s cell phone from yours.

  1. BreakFree (iOS, Android)

This app incorporates the usage tracking of your device, a feature that is found in many similar applications, but what makes it different is that it breaks down the information in a simple way to understand, called “addiction score” Also shows how often you unlock the screen of your Smartphone and record the use you give it in the day. This system makes BreakFree an excellent choice for those who enjoy setting goals and challenging themselves. In an ironic twist, it can become addictive to try to see how low you can get your cell dependency rating.

  1. Flipd(Android)

If you feel you need a more aggressive effort to disconnect, Flipd is the app for you. This app allows you to lock your phone over a period of time, and once you do, there is no turning back. Even restarting the phone will not disable the application, so it is impossible to cheat. Flipd can even be used remotely on other users’ devices from yours, ideal for groups that have proposed to disconnect from excessive use of the cell phone.

  1. AppDetox (Android) 

Are you addicted to mobile games? Can not stop updating Twitter? AppDetox can help you put your obsession under control if the applications are your kryptonite. With this app you can configure your own usage parameters for your favorite apps and use them when they are not an interruption. Each time you break one of your own rules, the application will say that you should put your phone aside.

  1. Stay on Task (Android)

It will help you maintain productivity in a smoother way. The application simply asks if you are still on task at random intervals during the day. If you are easily distracted, this app can be a great way to redirect your attention when your mind begins to wander.

Do you have an addiction to your smartphone? What are you waiting to use the apps to get away from it? Ironic but effective.