5 Ways To Wear A Scarf

Do you know the most versatile accessory in your closet? Yes, it is the scarf. And not only because it fits you with all your looks, but because you can wear it in a thousand  different ways.

It’s so subtle that you probably did not even think about it. That perfect fabric of silk or cotton that admits the most variegated stamped and that most of the times relate with a classic style.However, this season the scarf is reinvented by reminding us that it has as many uses as our imagination may have. Today a2zdirectory discovered 5 ways to wear a scarf. Shall we begin?

1# Classic Style

As you can see this is the classic way in which practically everyone carries the scarf. A simple knot that combined with a blazer, brings us elegance in a moment.

2#Style Style

The knot of the handkerchief in this case, is very similar to the previous one. However the effect is totally different. You know why? We screwed thescarf to the neck but did not make any knot. In this way we take seriously our look and give us a casual and casual style.

3 #Style Chic

We love this style. Let yourself be led by this new way of wearing scarves! The classic styles are perfect for special occasions, but will shine for being unique tying your scarf in this way.

It’s time to show off your personality and take that originality that you have inside.

4# Bohemian Style

The boho style is becoming more fashionablethis season. Join him in the simplest way. By placing your scarf around your neck and simply dropping the ends, you will look with anincredible bohemian style. Come and try this trend.

5# Modern Style

Are you the one that always goes to the latest fashion? You can not miss this latest innovation in the market. Tie your scarf around his neck and surround. You will get a look of the most modern without realizing it.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I leave you with the pictures of our boy, my darling. Thank you very much for your comments.