5 Tips For The Perfect Fitness Selfie

Whether in the gym, outside the Freeletics or the marathon – athletes show quite likes what they do – also on Selfies. So you not only get when shooting with your Smartphone to work up a sweat, a few things must be observed when shooting. Here is the training program for the perfect Selfie.

Finger From The Lens

A sapping fitness workout is strenuous enough. With a quiet hand hold even the 5.5 inch Klopper? A must-have. In any case it ensure that no finger on the lens rests and is also the face in the picture. Speaking of face: who hooks his muscles to strenuous, risked with a distorted face involuntarily laughs on the receiver side. Notice, also, that other athletes do not slip in your image. Not all people are like to photographed during training.

The Angle Must Be

Just then, when muscles and first-class proportions on the Selfie to come good, is one of the proper shooting angle. Your previous pointing body you should therefore diagonally from the top down shooting. Because your hips this narrower, on the other hand the upper body as a result, wider effect. As long as you want points with the recipient with broad shoulders.

Check Lighting, Contrast Increase

Who is super expensive lighting equipment in the gym for his Selfies, is probably not more than that or the brightest light on the mat behind the training partners. However, much – like at every other shooting light essential for good shots. Get the most out of the studio lighting: provides you directly under a light source, which raises the light above your body.

5 Tips For The Perfect Fitness Selfie

The direct light from the top increases the contrast in muscles. A little cheating is allowed. Use the editing function of your gallery or camera app and the contrasts attracts something else. Nobody notices anyway. Instagram? Then try the Sierra filter.

Just Before The Intake Pumps

Who completed a muscle workout more often, White’s long ago: after short training sessions, muscles are also striking because they are better supplied with blood. Before the Selfie do so at best only a few exercises.

But Most Importantly: Smile!

Yes, so a workout can be ever hard. This hardness but not necessarily needs to be transported over a Selfie. A smile on his face makes you sympathetic. Shows that you have joy in the training and your muscles are proud – not to want to be so dangerous.


  • As a general rule: when the snapping of Selfies take your finger off of the lens, slide face in the image – other athletes at best not take on the photo
  • Head and body shooting diagonally from above, while looking into the camera. The recording angle can narrow the hips and the shoulders are wide
  • Strengthen muscles with contrasts. By direct light from above, or by post-processing in the photo editor
  • Temporary muscle pumping blood in the veins. Thus muscles seem thicker
  • Always beautiful smile also on fitness Selfies