5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Boots in Winter

Some say that the cold makes people more stylish! And that’s true. The men’s boots and women come out of the closet and become key to ride a sleek and stylish. But, at the same time that people get more beautiful and tidy, the boots end up suffering the consequences. See 5 tips for taking care of your boots in the winter. After all, they deserve a special treat.

1. Keeping your boot

The boot country should never be stored. The leather and damage the waste over time, harden and hinder your footwear. Even more in August and September, the time of dry climates. Also remember to avoid enclosed spaces and wet, such as plastic bags, because it facilitates the appearance of mold. The ideal is to keep her in airy places.

Use cardboard inside it to keep the original form and the barrel straight ahead, it evitaa the cracks and peeled.

2. cleaning

Always use specialized products to clean the boot. An alternative is the damp cloth with neutral soap.

Avoid alcohol, detergent and soap common because they fade the footwear.

3. To dry

Never leave your boot in the Sun to dry, because it spoils and dries the material. If it is wet, place a dry cloth or flannel inside her and wait. Then just wait for it to dry in a place covered, but airy.

4. Shine whenever you can

As well as your skin, this time the boot country also needs more moisture. If you keep the boot the greased at least once a month, she will last well more and will always be shiny, even in winter.

5. Rest for your boots

Even in the cold, your feet sweat. So the boots need a break to be free of moisture.

The ideal is that you always have two options of country boots. So, you never spend too much time or days in a row with the same footwear. What can bring bad smell and even warp the play.