5 Things to Consider When Purchasing Your Sports Bras

Sport makes you happy. Regular exercise promotes good health and helps to burn off excess body fat. At the workout the appropriate attire may not be missing.

Sports Bras

More and more fashion labels include fitness clothing in their program. Sweaty athletes in jogging pants and simple T-Shirts with Werbeprints are finding little more in fitness studios. Who like shows everyday in fashionable outfits, invested in the sport in trendy fitness clothing of the hippest brands. Women should pay attention not only to chic shirts and pants, but create also a sports bra that fits to the specific requirements of your body. But what sports bra holds, what he promises and what should women when shopping look?

1. a sport bra – must be?

Whether women should wear a sports bra or not – because opinions differ. New studies come to the conclusion that the female body compensates for the movement of the breast itself and a bra is therefore superfluous. Fact is, however, that women who train without a special sports bra, often complain of pain in the breasts and in the back. In addition, they feel the whole breast as embarrassing and are disturbed by looks. A study from the UK seems to confirm these impressions. In the context of a scientific investigation, Dr. Johanna Scurr from the University of Portsmouth noted vertical moves in the female breasts bouncing movements not only to about 9 cm per meter, but also to the left and to the right. Because the breast is not from muscle mass, but from fat and connective tissue and mammary glands, she can not compensate for these movements. The fatal consequence: There be irreparable damage in the connective tissue. Strong sporty requirements, hence women with a small cup size should always wear a sports bra. Athletes with a strong and heavy bosom is recommended by leading sports brands to access with easy exercises to a high-quality model with sufficient support.

2. does it have a brand model?

A special sports bra is able to attenuate about 74% of the movements of the chest. But does it matter if the bra is a brand model? The discounter also regularly advertise with Sports Bras. Assessing the quality of Sports Bras, several factors play an important role. The fit should certainly decide when purchasing. Especially sports brands such as adidas and Nike advertise with Sports Bras, which promise a perfect fit even under extreme conditions. Women with average bra sizes are well advised with these models. The sport labels are very familiar with the new developments on the market. Are new trend sport is born, they respond quickly in their designs on the specific requirements. The classic lingerie companies such as triumph, Anita and Marie Jo offer Sports Bras. The models of triumph triaction and especially women with high breast other lines are recommended. The lingerie labels have the necessary know-how to design also in cup sizes E, F, G and H even well fitting models. The Sports Bras from the discount stores differ at first sight hardly from the brand models. They fail often in the practice test. A rapid fatigue of the material ensures that the initially acceptable fit is no longer guaranteed after a few washes. Scrub poorly processed seams, cheap fasteners not long withstand the load.

3. how must a sports bra sit?

A sports bra should sit well, is the crucial criterion when buying for most women. But what makes a good fit? A good Chairman sports bra should fully enclose first the breasts of a woman. This is the only way to ensure that no parts of the breast from the Cup slip during the workout. Also a sports bra in the back must be relatively securely. He is too far, women fitting him while feel as comfortable, he Scrubs but with training and can cause unpleasant injuries in the chest area. Women with strong breast also benefit from padded straps. Because afflicts a large part of the weight of the chest to the shoulders, Sports Bras with narrow straps cut often in the skin, which can lead to irritation.

4. a bra for every sport?

Anyone looking for a sports bra, is sure not have it easy in view of the many different models. Most brands to distinguish between different performance levels, are suitable for the different Sports Bras. Light Sports Bras and bustiers are suitable especially for gymnastics, yoga and other sports that are no larger burden. In the walking and cycling, a sports bra should sit already somewhat firmer. Ball sports are defined as high-performance level, since here rest and extreme stress abruptly turns. Leistungssportlerinnen choose the best maximum support bras. Will be hardly possible to find a single sports bra that is suitable for all kinds of sports. Of course, but a woman can carry a particularly solid sports bra also at lighter loads.

5. what must be still able to a sports bra

A sports bra will have to sit naturally not only good and sure he should look too appealing. Some brands make their Sports Bras so that they can be worn in hot weather or during endurance training in the Studio as a top. Sports tops in which the bra is just incorporated are very popular. So that the sport is really healthy, women should buy as possible models, which are not burdened with harmful toxins. These poisons from the material could are washed out and come directly to the sensitive skin in contact with sweat. The large test magazine regularly take samples and examine Sports Bras of the famous brands. Cotton is a particularly pleasant material. In the sports bra, it has however nothing to do. Who wants to do something good for his body, choose a model from a high-quality micro fibre, which is not only lightweight, but also quickly dries.