5 Keys To See If You Can Swim With Your Watch

Often customers ask us questions about water resistance with our watches and if they can or not dipping or bathing with him. To learn more, from designer watches we solve any doubts that we silvers, so we decided to collect 10 main keys you need to know if you want to know if your watch is waterproof or not.

  1. Your watch should bear the inscription or Waterproof Water Resist.Watches bearing this inscription have been tested to be waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes for 90 seconds at 20 meters.If no bears this inscription is better not to wash it all down.
  2. That put an inscription style “WR 50” does not mean that the watch is water resistant to 50 meters deep. Factory testing static pressure are performed, but do not take into account some characteristics that occur in a real situation as sudden changes in pressure, temperature extremes … Ideally, consult the manufacturer’s manual or use watches that have a good reputation for these conditions (for example, many Vostok watches are intended for such conditions).
  3. There are a number of rules or clues as to how far we can “take advantage” our watch:

  1. The valve helium is in some watches for divers reduces pressure helium gas which may have penetrated inside the watch.Helium under high pressure is introduced into the clock but out of the water and the pressure change can be decompressed and break the clock.
  2. If the inside of the glass appears fogging or smearing water means that water has entered your watch.I try never dry with hot air, as it accelerates the oxidation process.Ideally, take it to a watchmaker to review the joints and clean it well.

And, never ever, you monks an antique clock even waterproof. Over time the seals may have lost their properties. Wet it is often unnecessary if not accidental, material or sentimental value is greater than any damage.