5 Clever Tips for Watches

Watches are much more than idle time masters! They spice up every modestil and can, as well as earrings, chains and rings also, make a real statement. The fashion designers have rediscovered watches as a real fashion statement. Here are 5 tips on how the beautiful designer watches stay beautiful for a long time.

Men's Watches

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5 clever tips for watches


Watches are small sensibles. They do not like strong temperature fluctuations. Even if the humidity increases, the clock works.


Sport, housework or long parties: our watches have to do a lot with. But attention – shocks we should avoid. For watches do not like that at all. Do you like to go to the swimming pool? Even if your clock is waterproof, you should shower it after the bath in the chlorine-containing water under running tap water.


An extensive beauty care is also at the top of the Beauty programm with watches, so also designer watches remain pretty for a long time. For cleaning leather bracelets, use a special leather care product, otherwise the leather can get stains quickly or become porous.

Use an extra soft microfiber cloth to clean the metal bracelets. Finger away LED watch from the case! This should always only open the watchmaker.

Metal Bracelets


Perfume and care cream we love girls very much – our watch does not like them so much. The chemical ingredients can add violent beauty defects to the bracelet and case. So before the creams or perfuming better the clock aside.


Sometimes, sometimes even the most beautiful fashion pieces lie untapped in the corner for a while. Watches should be kept in a case. Here it is protected from dust, bumps and too much sun. Mechanical watches should be turned from time to time so that the oil can be distributed in the drive and all wheels remain smooth.