4 Tips For Using Stripes Shirt

I admit I’m a fan of stripes shirts. Black and white stripes, or white and blue, make the difference in a visual. There are some who think that this is a trend difficult to use, but believe me it’s not. When well combined are guaranteed success and is very simple. In the image are 4 tips to look and leave you, too, 4 tips:

1) the fabric is very important. If they have fear, opt for cotton and linen, because they are light and fluid fabrics that reduce the risk of increasing the silhouette of blouse.

2) Striped Shirts, less formal, are perfect to combine with jeans and comfortable shoes. If you want a casual look with a touch of class – ideal for a day’s work-simply add a high-heeled shoe.

3) Create contrast. Personally-and run less risk – I’d rather have a black and white striped shirt or blue and white, but can create contrasts, for example, with a coat of color like the one I’m wearing.

4) Use the shirt beneath thick sweaters, to see the collar and the bottom of the shirt.

I hope that helps. As in everything, it’s a matter of adjust to your taste. Fashion must adapt to us and to our individuality.