4 Ideas to Show Off Your Summer Dress in September

If you still still want to show off your beautiful in September summer dress, that has you completely crazy, takes note of these ideas of streetstyle for some perfect Spring looks.

The most obvious alternative: with a cardigan. Mix colors or respects the tones of the dress, tdo depends on how daring you are and what you like risk. That Yes, play with accessories, such as seat belts, necklaces,… Attention to the handbags type on, a minitendencia that must not lose sight of. I’ve seen similar sales of Funs & Basics.

The more formal: with a Blazer. If you need something of seriousness and a good look for the return to work, do not hesitate. Dress more jacket type smoking will make you look perfect.

The more casual option: with shirt or denim jacket. The denim is more easy to match with everything. Take advantage of it.

More trendy idea: something military. Wraps a wide belt with a militaryy shirt and your dress and have a set to last.

Taylor Swift, The Queen of Summer Dresses

Taylor Swift us shows that very fan of dresses since the last appearances in public wears different dresses. Taylor opts for fresh and summery dresses with a touch naive. Combined with Mary Janes and very current add-ons like smooth strips for the hair to give it a more casual touch.

Taylor Swift committed by a dressed in a salmon-colored shirt collar and a little flight. Combined with a braided belt in natural skin, band with loop head in bag blue denim fabric. A somewhat rare but effective mixing.

Taylor with a look very encourage for the day to day. Multicolor thousand stripes dress strap width combined with shoes yellow mustard to set with the headband. To break a little the look adds a type in strong green satchel bag. And to finish the look nothing like dark sunglasses and red lips. A monad.