Monthly Archives: March 2018

The Octopus Paul Can Now Take It Up in T-Shirts

If there is an undisputed protagonist of this world, as well as the Spanish team, that’s the Octopus Paul, from the beginning predicted a good result to Spain in the World Cup and at the moment it isn’t nothing wrong-headed. Only remains to know if his prognosis for this Sunday is still just as valid as the rest (I hope). And how could it be otherwise everything is you can profit, even to the predictions of the Octopus Paul. Everything sold and everything is for sale, those are the rules. Continue reading

Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson, The Twilight Actors, Dresses from Gucci

No doubt the Twilight phenomenon We can find it everywhere, including in fashion. And it is very curious (and profitable) move to investigate and analyze the dresses and costumes that players choose for presentations and official acts, because not only gives us ideas, but it also brings new information and knowledge about their tastes. And in view of the results achieved so far, we can say that the stylist’s Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner It is not the same or want more Taylor to Robert, because so far it is hitting more with the first than the second. Continue reading

Pull & Bear Dress Up The Team Aspar for 2010 Season

These are of the news sure surprised more than one when you read it. I often read all your comments and the truth is that you are just those who profess admiration or at least some respect towards the Pull and Bear. I admit that he is a business-oriented firm to sell to dress (but first and foremost, sell) but there everything you take out it is tacky, boring, tacky and choni I think there is a step. Continue reading