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Tips for Wearing Leggings with Shiny Fabrics

The shiny fabric or metallic leggings, also called disco pants, made a huge success in the Decade of 70, Disco-era, and are back on the streets more current than ever. Comfortable and stylish, they can be used in all seasons and in many different looks. For you to invest in this play the wildcard wardrobe without getting too sexy in inappropriate moments, the Publisher sets Luciana Vasconcelos gives some tips. Continue reading

Magical Boudoir Shooting: Christina Grjasin

Of the right wedding dress, we all dream of girls, and this dream, of course, does not stop at the wedding. Wedding dresses are always a mirror of the time we live in, and at the same time there is hardly anything so personal and individual. If the dress hangs after a long period of thinking and looking in the closet, the next question is: what is to be worn underneath? Of course you can always afford beautiful lingerie, but for the wedding it is again a special purchase. So why not bring the beautiful lingerie in front of the lens and also create a dreamlike memory for yourself, the future husband and the grandchildren? Continue reading

Dresses: Winter Photos and Models

2011 Winter Dresses

Already anticipating autumn/winter trends, like good girls ahead of our time–and–that we are, we can’t help but wonder what will be the trend in terms of dresses.Piece that, for centuries, was unique costume for women, today, is used in productions where the intention is to give more charm and sensuality for whom is wearing. But, to break a little all that delicate aura that surrounds the dress, winter trends in 2011, bring a conceptual fashion, authentic and full of transformations and daring. For those looking for the new, without ceasing to be sophisticated. Continue reading

Chocolate Beauty

One of the sweetest times of the year is coming and we’re already looking forward to here! We chose some cosmetics that have a lot to do with chocolate, to make it even more tasty!

Sephora-Bourjois-Delice Of bronzing powder Poudre-R $100.00
Bronzing powder with a delicious smell of chocolate. Ultra fine powder texture and smooth must be applied on the face and neck. Its formula is blended slightly, thanks to the presence of pearly gold pigments that provide the reflection of light. Continue reading