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Contact with The LG BL40 Chocolate on a New Video

Already a few days have passed since we showed you the latest images of the LG BL40 Chocolate, and now we have him back with us in a video where we can see interesting features see moving condensed in 2 minutes.

Their singular forms conditioned by 4 inches screen give to much play, I summarize that in the video we can see email management, operation of the accelerometer, web browsing, QWERTY keyboard on-screen (huge) and VCR operation. Continue reading

LG BL40 Chocolate, Reappears in an Extensive Gallery and Video

Another fashion terminals that are dosing information every day so we go knowing more about its virtues, speak clearly is of the LG BL40 Chocolate, for those of you eager to deepen its appearance I present a full gallery and a promotional video.

I don’t know how manage but Russians and sometimes the Chinese have new terminals much before they appear on the market, in this occasion are the boys of that offer us this extensive gallery, as a sign that they have been playing with that represents the fourth generation of the Black Label Series LG. Continue reading

LG GD910 Wrist Phone in Video

We have spent a few days talking about phone bracelet, in particular the LG GD910 and the Samsung S9110, We compared them, and on the paper draw the conclusion that each part with advantages with respect to the other.

The most interesting functionality that I find in the model of LG It is the ability to connect to 3 G networks, and the presence of a camera for video calls, looking for a little online videos or articles that make reference to this feature, I found the video that accompanies this publication. Continue reading

Impressive Screen for LG Chocolate BL40

LG has released a promotional video which shows us the new leaked today LG Chocolate BL40 and offers us its most important details.

While in general has a few very greedy features, the LG Chocolate BL40 It stands out for its large 4 inch screen that has a fancy 21:9 ratio -i.e. in letterbox format-, which is very unusual, though in the video seem to get something useful. Initially it is ideal for watching movies in Scope, although it is not too clear if the mobile phone is the best place to enjoy them. Continue reading

Telstra Will Include 10 New Mobile in Their Catalog

Telstra kicks off the season renewing its range of mobile and will no longer sell 16 terminals as obsolete as the Motorola V9 or Samsung L760 to give way to a new USB modem and a 10 new mobile brands such as LG, Nokia, Huawei and ZTE.

The modem ZTE MF627 you will arrive to replace the current ZTE MF626 though without news regarding its predecessor since it is still up to 7.2Mbps HSDPA (not HSUPA) and has the same features and dimensions of 69 mm x 25 mm x 12 mm. Continue reading

LG GC990 Louvre, with 12 Megapixels

There is a strange competition in getting more megapixels in camera phones. Personally yet I understood so we want 12 megapixel on the phone, but surely that someone found some utility.

LG He is presenting at some fairs the LG GC990 Louvre, a phone with a 12.1 megapixel camera, optical Schneider-Kreuznach autofocus by touching the screen, optical zoom, ISO 3200, xenon flash and, most interesting, capable of recording in HD 720 p video with a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels and 30 fps. Continue reading

LG Viewty Smart Officially Launched

After the leak that occurred last week, today has been presented officially the LG Viewty Smart, the evolution of the first model of this range, especially centered in the photo section.

Not in vain, it comes with a camera with an 8 megapixel sensor, an LED flash and functions to get the best possible photographs. To this end, it has an Intelligent Shot Mode mode, which analyzes the scene and adjusts the settings to use the most suitable in each case. Continue reading

LG GC900 Viewty II, Now Will Be Called Viewty Smart

LG has given us new information about the successor of the LG Viewty in a peculiar way, since data and images shown have been visible only a few hours on the official blog of the German division of the company.

As we can see in the pictures that accompany the news, their appearance is very got, counting with an elegant design in contained dimensions, with a thickness of 12.4 mm and 90 grams of weight in the final one of the strong points of the terminal. Continue reading

LG Cookie, a Sales Success

Yesterday is the LG cookie as an example of terminal for the new strategy that could be undertaken HTC, with the launch of a range of phones with proprietary system and most discounted benefits today LG communicates that its Cookie o KP500 It has sold two million units worldwide and in just five months, what comes to give a boost to the possible decision of HTC. Continue reading