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Sony Ericsson Confirms Android 4.0 for All The Smartphones Announced This Year, Would Come The End of Fragmentation?

After the maelstrom after the presentation of Ice Cream Sandwich, which will be the 4.0 version of Android, many manufacturers have talked about the Update terminals that are already on the market.

One of the companies that rushed to announce that he would seek to upgrade to their offspring was Sony Ericsson, Although it now appears that they confirm, via Facebook, will update the range of phones that have been presented during the year 2011. Continue reading

First Video Analysis of The Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich (In Italian)

Yesterday Google and Samsung presented the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich. We were giving live coverage on Twitter, but also collecting all the data with the corresponding articles.

Some journalists and privileged bloggers were able to attend the event, held in Hong Kong and, as you might expect, some have returned home with a mobile test, to analyze it. As is the case of our site who has recorded two videos exposing the features of the operating system and the mobile. The video is with audio in Italian, but it is enough for us to take a look, almost at first hand, and to discover more details about both products. Enjoy! Continue reading

What You Think of The New Samsung Galaxy Nexus? Engadget Android Questions

One week we’re here to launch a new question, and what better time to rescue another question that a few months ago I proposed. Yes, it is obvious, after the release of yesterday’s expected new Google phone, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, many of you have shown apathy by the final specifications, either by the camera, processor, card slot, or their final size. Continue reading

Galaxy Nexus, The First to Bring Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Finally it has been presented the new handset from Samsung and Google. Finally not be called Nexus Prime as they pointed some rumors, but it will be under the name of Galaxy Nexus, a rather curious to be name a “ Google Phone & #8221;.

We already know the official design, its features and all the innovations that brings the new Google phone with the new version Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Then we see how it is coming to be the benchmark for Android mobile. Continue reading

Amazing Bracelet That Regulates Our Body Temperature

Brilliant. That is what has seemed a priori the ingenious development of MIT that allows that everyone ends up being comfortable with a same room temperature. Goodbye to the discussions on if the heating or air conditioning are very high or low.

Wristify is a thermoelectric bracelet developed by engineers from MIT that allows regultar the temperature of the person that it takes putting skin pulse hot or cold that make that our body is always “to taste”. Continue reading

4 Ideas to Show Off Your Summer Dress in September

If you still still want to show off your beautiful in September summer dress, that has you completely crazy, takes note of these ideas of streetstyle for some perfect Spring looks.

The most obvious alternative: with a cardigan. Mix colors or respects the tones of the dress, tdo depends on how daring you are and what you like risk. That Yes, play with accessories, such as seat belts, necklaces,… Attention to the handbags type on, a minitendencia that must not lose sight of. I’ve seen similar sales of Funs & Basics. Continue reading

NTT DoCoMo Shows Real Picture of The Next Nexus, Release Date and Some Technical Specifications

The Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo It has been moved forward to the event that Google and Samsung, and has shown more information about the new Nexus. The first data that has come off is that the new Nexus will be available in Japan in November.

It is rumored that this time the next Google phone will have a global launch, What this date could be us orientation paraa other countries, because it seems to only be difference in weeks instead of months as happened with the other two previous Nexus. Continue reading

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Vs Apple IPhone 4S, Comparing Camera Photos

We continue with comparisons between the new iPhone 4S, that Apple He presented at the beginning of month, and another terminal of the platform Android. In this case it is the turn to the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, since during the presentation of the terminal of Apple was much stressed the virtues of its new camera, comparing it with the cameras of other Android devices. Recently it has been discovered that the sensor of the camera of the iPhone 4S was commissioned to Sony, so we felt it appropriate to give a review to the specifications of each terminal.

We put on record the Chambers of both devices, starting with the oldest, the of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc January 2011: Continue reading

How Should Smartphones in a Few Be Them Years? Engadget Android Questions

We are in a date with several relevant developments within the mobile sector. A few weeks ago Apple I present your new iPhone 4S, that we have already made some comparative specifications with respect to the Samsung Galaxy S II of United States. For the next week Google and Samsung they will present the new Nexus Prime with Ice Cream Sandwich. In the background there is also Microsoft and Nokia also they have their terminals with handle in sight. No detracting from any contender, because at the end and after the goal is to meet the needs of people, each with their profile and specific requirements. Continue reading