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Naval Clash, Playing to Sink The Fleet on Our Android

Sure that many of us have played sometime to sink the fleet, either the paper version or the toy distributed different brands. A simple game with a calm rhythm that managed to snag and kill time, as all good board game.

This traditional game, like many others, has also made the jump to Android and the Market there are many versions but none as Naval Clash. A very successful adaptation that besides having a very careful graphics offers some very interesting features. Continue reading

Navman S30i

On the screen of the navman arrival time and other data are represented while open, but quite small. The display shone during the day quite bright, at night she dazzled however. Not good: For cross-border navigation, from munich to vienna, you must switch to the card winded by hand (addendum of the editorial office: With new firmware, this is no longer necessary). And: The device can only warn of exceeding a single speed.

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Apparatus and Chalk Ball: Two Sets of Constructions and Ingenuity to Your Android

Often the games developed for a Mobile can also be played in a Tablet. We found the problem because both devices have different screen resolutions and graphic finishing can be affected in any of them, except that the developers have foreseen this possibility. On this occasion I will recommend games Apparatus y Chalk Ball, because in addition to being quite addictive responded superbly in both devices. Continue reading

Garmin NUVI 750 TFM

The NUVI 750 TFM convinced with its screen quality: During the day so bright, that it is still legible in the convertible when the sun shines, but at night so dark that the screen doesn’t dazzle. The built-in GPS receiver was clear to navigate after less than half a minute. From a cold start, it took longer. For destination entry, only a few key strokes are needed.
Goods: (TMC) traffic jam warner reacted quickly, recommended time savings at the test status of alternative routes with half an hour and blew the whistle even with incorrect drivers. Also the map overview of TMC messages for the region is practical.

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Plants Vs. Zombies and Chuzzle: Imminent Departure Exclusively for Amazon

Amazon back in the news for its exclusivity with large companies in mobile entertainment contracts, started at launch with Angry Birds Rio and this time touched him turn to PopCap Games, It has decided to launch on Android, with exclusivity, their two best titles. Apparently the deal has been the following, tomorrow will be free in the Amazon AppStore, Chuzzle, a game that has given a lot of talk on other platforms and that this company gives very good results. Continue reading

The Mobile Premieres At The Ifa In Berlin

You can also phone with the devices. That is, but almost interesting only on the edge. Because modern cell phones are no decorations of inferior quality more long electronic multi-purpose tools, MP3 player and digital camera. On the contrary, in these special disciplines some phones are just as potent as each good entry devices access mobile phones especially MP3 players and digital cameras, but also Navi technology is more and more models to find.

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Samsung SGH-F480

Widgets for individual preferences

Samsung shows how the user can make the display according to his preferences: The finger he can four of eight widget maximum draw symbols on the surface depending on the request he then has a clock, a music player or a calendar on the output screen.


The menu is similar to other samsung mobile phones that operated here by tapping the icons. Menu control via fingers worked fast and without the delays that the XDA diamond interfered.

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Triple Triad for Android: Letters, Final Fantasy and Fun

Possibly many who played in his day to Final Fantasy VIII agreed upon in Triple Triad. A letters mini-game terribly addictive that it also had the incentive of winning certain cards we could get special items.

Well, the other day while playing Everlands wondered if a version of this game would have on the Market and after a quick search di Android Triple Triad online. A very faithful adaptation of the original game that also comes with a pair of interesting additions. Continue reading

Apple Iphone 3 G

Iphone 3 G: UMTS, GPS, design

Waiting for the iphone 3 G with the high-speed data transmission standard UMTS. In addition, GPS has been integrated. Thus, now also navigation with the apple mobile is possible. In addition, was filed on the design. The case is now entirely in black; the back is made of plastic. For this, apple bought the iphone 3 G metal buttons. Screen size will remain unchanged at 3.5 inches.

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T-COM sinus 101

Sine 101 wins sure no design award with his chunky body and yellow screen lighting. But it lies well in the hand and is solidly built. The four-way button is not a given in this price class. Thus, the beautifully designed menu navigation is easy by hand. Equally surprising for a cheap phone is the built-in baby monitor function that other phones in this price range do not offer.

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Robotek, Robots, Strategy and… Slot Machines

Many developers that exist for mobile games Hexage It is a company with a few quite interesting titles where ever the graphics cared much and they introduce new forms of game, What we could see with Everlands.

Yesterday Hexage launched Robotek a strategy game that combines robots with fighting turn-based and a curious but enjoyable system of slot to decide our movements in combat. Thus it may sound a little strange, let’s see a little more depth what offers us. Continue reading