2017 Winter: Tips for Using Leather

As soon as the temperature drops, some fabrics appear to help us keep the look warm and stylish. The best example of this is the LEATHER, a striking and powerful.

Nowadays, the synthetic versions and tissues that mimic your texture made the leather even more popular in the winter productions. How about some tips and suggestions for using leather this winter? Check out what we have prepared:

Leather jacket

This is perhaps one of the biggest icons of the winter! The robust and heavy aspect of leather jacket is unmistakable and crosses generations. It’s definitely a classic piece and always current. Combine with romantic, sports, classic looks … There are no limits!

Leather pants

The synthetic leather and RESINED effect can turn a simple pants in a bold and powerful piece. The coolest is that the leather pants transitions in casual looks, and even at work. The tip is always dosed sensuality, combining with strategic parts for every occasion.

Leather skirt

Speaking on different occasions, the leather skirts are also items that can take on different status depending on the model. The leather midi skirt is cool and trendy, fashion casual productions with a touch of boldness. Already the pencil skirt has adjusted and aligned modeling, is incredible in formal environments.

Jumpsuit and dress

If the proposal is to dare, nothing better than wearing a single piece all in leather or with details of this fabric. Overalls or dresses do that role and make a visual simple into something powerful and unusual. The look completely changes.

For those who liked the tips, is the hint:the Posthaus site is full of leather clothing amazing!! Downstairs has a special selection to view and purchase online. Enjoy!