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How to Create New Looks

The next two weekends of April, 15-17 and 22-24, finally returned to the Summer Festival Coachella in Indio, California. Independent, rock, hip hop and electronic music will alternate relentlessly on the stages, while fashion is already cult

In less than a week the Coachella mania will explode again: the Californian summer music festival that opens the season of summer musical events that count, you Gypsy soul. Boho style which conquered the whole globe continues to welcome new faithful friends of crochet, earrings with feathers and garlands of flowers. If you are sensitive to the issue, read here how to create new combinations in a Coachella! Continue reading

How to Dress According to Body Shape?

Knowing its morphology is essential to choose clothes that show off!For years we hear the high priestess of the makeover Christina Cordula tell women they are A, X, H … It is time to know that you are also bypassing the TV box. See our special guide!

Define Your Morphology

There are 5 types of different silhouettes. Women in the morphology 8 (or X) have very marked size and arched and shoulders in alignment hips. Those in A (pyramid) were fine bust and wide hips like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez! If you have square shoulders and thin legs, you’re a V, also called inverted triangle. Many women are H (rectangle), shoulders and hips are aligned, and slightly marked size! Finally, there is the morphology O for curvy women. To know what your type of morphology is relatively simple! Stand in front of a mirror in underwear (or with clothes close to the body) and note which parts of your body are wider and thinner! The ideal is to focus on the hips, shoulders and waist. Looking body contours and not volumes! Whatever the verdict, you did not have complexes and the key is to accept.

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What Pillow Suits You

Almost a third of his life spends a man in intimate union with his pillow. But the choice is huge: round, square, small, large, high, flat and even different materials. But not every pillow is suitable for the specific needs of individuals sleeping.

Especially those who have neck or shoulder pain, should make choosing the right pad carefully. The cause is often the sedentary activity during working hours.Many people sleep on average mattresses that are consistently harder or softer. It has been demonstrated that increases the quality of sleep in people who sleep on mattresses zone with different hardness zones which are individually adapted to the body.

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How to Organize Your Laundry Room

You hardly hear anyone saying that his favorite part of the house is the service area. Unlike the living room or TV spaces for leisure and relaxation, the laundry room is a space intended for domestic work and it is often left aside at the time of renovation or home decor.

In modern apartments, one criterion makes this to become a even more delicate area. More and more areas are becoming ultra small, which often raises questions and challenges: What is a better place to store ironing board? To store the broom? The vacuum cleaner? Cleaning products? If the staves available, are there enough to extend them?

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TAG Heuer Android Wear Smartwatch

TAG Heuer announces its first smartwatch that will be born from the hand of Intel and Android Wear

It was a matter of time that Swiss manufacturers entering the market for smart watches, and if a few weeks ago and saw some as Frederique Constant, Alpina or Mondaine present the first connected watches “Swiss made” is now the prestigious TAG Heuer who announced the arrival of its first smartwatch market. In fact, if we have followed over the last few months, you know that that ad was practically a secret, as the CEO of the company itself had already announced in passing at occasional interview.

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How to Dress If You Are Tall?

You blithely exceed the sixty-three meter average French? You may be proud … and learn to choose your clothes to love your body! Because dress when you come out of standard may require a little imagination, follow some simple tips and rediscover the pleasure of being great.

Dress When One Is High, the Miracle Clothes

An infallible ally? The pants. It emphasizes the length of your legs, while lending itself to endless variations in height. Skirts and long dresses also adorn the large, curved version for stress, widened to erase … without forgetting the famous ballerina, able to accommodate your toes in comfort and without additional centimeters. One more tip: you will overlays perfectly, accumulate without blushing thicknesses and lengths vary or patterns!

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How to Make a Sustainable Bathroom

You can make small changes in major reforms to protect the planet with  some projects.

For reference in this endeavor, the webpage met 19 projects and tips that help you transform bathrooms and toilets into sustainable environments.

Check out these tips:

You probably have already known, but it’s good to remember that bathrooms and toilets are spaces that consume more water than one project. The natural resource is used in most of the devices available, including mixers, showers, faucets and toilets.

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Samsung Circular Smartwatch

Samsung wants to do things right this time with his rumored “Orbis” and is perfected design

The situation in the coming months on the market smartwatch promises, because with the Apple Watch just around the corner, we’re about to really find out whether this 2015 will be “the year of the smartwatch” as some predicted or so otherwise we will have to keep waiting. Many players have already shown their-Apple, LG, Pebble and Huawei- letters, although we miss especially one in particular: where are you, Samsung?

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How to Dress If You Are Short

You cap in the sixty meter? Do not worry, you’re not alone. No way to complex, no question of depriving: we learn to dress to showcase what we are, rather than what we want to be … or cheat intelligently with the right clothes!

Dress When One Is Small, the Miracle Clothes

The secret is not a: gain height is the specialty of heels. You are small? All styles are allowed! Adapt pumps to your body … and your ability to walk with. For XXL legs, think heels with shoes or platform shoes. Hand clothes, your best ally is the dress, able to dress all body style. Opt for short models to highlight your legs, without demarcation between the top and bottom. Finally, go on high sizes! Skirt or pants, your legs are gaining height.

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Complete Guide Sinks and Tubs

The tanks are a fundamental part of the composition of environments such as bathrooms, toilets or kitchens – but knowing how to choose the right dishes for your environment may not be easy.

The market offers a multitude of tanks models and, although this is advantageous, may leave some consumers lost in deciding which one to buy.

Therefore, the web site gathered all models, tips and prices on vats of bathrooms and toilets to help you choose the right type for your project in this guide .

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Hyundai app for Android

Controlling our car from the Smartwatch is now a reality thanks to the Hyundai app for Android Wear

The future we will use our smartwatch is yet to be written, however, and begins to glimpse the path that until recently we sounded like science fiction. As we saw in the past CES in Las Vegas, Hyundai announced it would launch the Blue Link app for Android Wear from users of any of the compatible vehicles with this technology could control some functions of your vehicle.

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How to Dress If You Are Chubby?

The average size of French women is not 36 but 42. … You are part of these morphologies in shape and form? heart stroke accessories, look tricks, smart materials or magical sections, learn how to celebrate your body without forgetting fashion!

Dress When One Is Round, the Miracle Clothes

Yes, they exist! These clothes are able to dress all body round, almost without discomfort. Go for the high waist pants for a nicer, curvy hips and buttocks: avoid too wide forms and if your thighs complexed you combine a long top with a slim shape. Side skirts, long skirts, trapeze skirt fluid or pencil skirt are your friends. Flexible shirts and long tunics will not you ever let down, plain or printed. The glamor of the dress portfolio, meanwhile, wears round beauty for decades. Finally, think about accessories! Dare chunky jewelry, emphasize your waist sashes or your finer hips.

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Moto G and Moto G Plus Officers

The question is: what’s the difference between Moto G4 and G4 motorcycle Plus? Unfortunately (for those who wanted a small size) little or nothing since Motorola, now Lenovo, has decided to market and introduced two smartphones today, virtually identical in size, ram, processor and display, but with just a few details that make the best Plus.

Both models have a 5.5 inch Full HD 1080 p, 617 and Snapdragon processor, 2 GB of RAM (currently we can’t add more details about variations with more ram arriving after 15) also to Plus. Well the battery 3000mAh with fast charging.

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LG Watch Urbane Android Smartwatch

Do we really need an antivirus for our smartwatch? Intel and McAfee believe yes

The expected popularizing the smartwatch in the coming years will drag behind other industries that could also grow incredibly. Instinctively, we think of accessories manufacturers and, within these, those who specialize in smart watches straps.Undoubtedly, the belts could become the next few years a fixture that moves many millions annually as covers and cases for smartphones.

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