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Chanel Trends for Fall 2016!

Where Karl Lagerfeld announces a new parade, the curiosity of the fashionistas go to the top! And the last was no different. At the very end of last year the Chanel presented his collection Métiers d’art Pre-Fall 2016/15 and the place of the parade was somewhat unusual: Dallas, Texas (USA). But you must be wondering: why Texas? That was exactly where in the years 50, in the post-war period, that Coco Chanel went back to the top of fashion on behalf of its clients multimillion-dollar Texian. In 1957, Chanel was received by the President of Neiman Marcus, an upscale department store chain, and won an award for his contribution to the fashion universe! With the theme Paris-Dallas, the inspirations for the Fall 2016 could not be different: the world of cowboys and native Americans, with fringes (muiiitas fringes), chess, leather, jeans, knitting, riding boots and hats.

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Levante Gipsy Style Fashion

Levante Canta. Levante has style to spare. His Instagram profile talks about her and her music better than a diary. Discover it in 11 hashtags

Levante is contagious, his eyes watch the world and his voice tells him. In his latest album, Have About You Care sings love, first to herself and reminds you that you just want it to be happy. We met in Milan in one of the dates of his #ABCDTTOUR and we made ​​to tell the recipe of his unique style, free and gipsy, to the rhythm of hashtag.

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How to Use Zipper Ties

For men who want a more comfortable alternative to tie a knot every morning, the tie may be just what they need. They are also perfect for men who do not know how to tie a knot!

About Zipper Ties

Consider one of the most useful of male fashion. Zipper Ties (or “zip tie”), you can cast a tie and adjust in seconds. The functional design reminiscent of a regular tie, but has a permanent node. A mechanism zipper is hidden behind the effective length of the link (the area that runs along the front of a shirt). It can be adjusted to fit to the neck. Ties are available for men of all ages.

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Donnatê Fashion

Just see the words Sale/Off/Promotion/Discount stamped in the windows of the shops already giving us a Rodrigo Sol uncontrollable! Hahahahaha!!! And want better opportunity to ensure that your desire, by a precinho look down there? Protect their wallets … promotions season started and it will be impossible to resist! ? the Luxury Guess is already gone crazy with the prices that are scattered comrades by the shops and we register what clarooo, must cool rolling around! Is that really worth these promotions? It is possible to find something nice? The answer is Yes, but hurry because it’s too much of a good thing … lol … and the most beautiful pieces come out real quick! We dive head-first into the net and today we’ll show you the choices that we have made on DONNATÊ, multi brand store of women’s fashion from Campo Grande (MS), which just entered the “Off Price” with discounts of 50% and 70%. That’s right girls: a mega settlement, with beautiful pieces various waiting to be mined!

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Fashion Composition with Neoprene Fabric

The neoprene is a polymer produced under high temperatures and pressures, in the case of a synthetic material derived from petroleum in the form of synthetic elastomer. It has features such as waterproof, thermal protection, strength and elasticity, giving it a wide range of uses, ranging from the automotive industry to the textile industry.

The neoprene has always been used in wetsuits and surfing because of its excellent features, but since the winter of 2015 he has been invading the runways. Attended the parades of the summer 2016 from Brazilian brands Coconut Water, Balcony and Animale , falling once in thanks off fashionistas on duty.

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Find The Right Clock for Restaurant

Wall clocks are more than a simple time display, but its design sets the tone of an entire room.This is in terms of space even more important, the visitors or customers to invite and to invite you for a stay, which applies to restaurants, pubs and other catering establishments undoubtedly. Selecting a real designer clock suits classic or well-established bourgeois restaurants as well as the real scene-Café, with the selection, however, large differences in shape, design and type of time display must be observed. Our online store is a great contribution for the purchase of a wall clock for catering establishments and shows quickly which character to each device fits.

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Mules, the Return!

Alert for centipedes on duty: the mules will dominate the feet of fashionistas again!!! Kind of sandal, clog medium and sometimes with a hint of pumps, the Mule back to gain prominence in the windows in 2016. Created in France in the 16th century, the template was used only by prostitutes for displaying very feet, considered immoral at the time. Another curiosity is that the models was used initially for men, without heels, of course. In the 17th century it began to be used by women of the high society with noble fabrics like satin and silk. And in the 18th century, another important woman adopted the visual: Marie Antoinette.

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Zebra Print Superstar Track Top

Fashion does not stop, are always popping colors and new styles, and each year nearly almost everything changes. I said almost everything because there are parts and colors that never go out of fashion, one of these is the zebra print.

The pattern of Zebrinha is successful wherever he goes and you always think stamped on any item, whether female clothing or even male! That’s right, the zebra print also in menswear, unlike the leopard print, for example, that only found in women’s items. But of course this pattern has fewer for men, being used more by metrosexuals, and endless pieces for women.

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The Jewels as Precious Gifts for Christmas

Rings, pendants, earrings and watches: the proposals for the celebrations of Emporio Armani, Tiffany, Morellato, Pandora, Stroili Oro and much more…

It is said that just the thought. But if the thought of our Him, some special friend, or even just our family, exceeded the imagination? Our least … Did you happen to discard between the wrapped gifts under the tree a nice piece of jewelery? A pendant, a pair of earrings, a ring-perhaps that of the fateful “yes.” If you are of the incurable romantic and daydream a new jewel to wear for the holidays, feast your eyes with the innovations created specifically to wish us a happy Christmas.

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What to Wear for Ballad Style

There aren’t many rules than they would look for ballad and look for work, or to go to the Mall, or for dinner with her boyfriend. As long as you feel well and depending on the type of ballad, can everything. But when it comes to ballad always think in something more relaxed, looser and very modern, with touches of elegance and feminism. A lot of requirement for a visual? Not so much. There’s a lot in a feminine wardrobe with various uses, which can serve to form your visual to the ballad.

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Leopard Print for Spring 2016

It is found in many different types and styles and various items of women’s clothing, fashion shows constantly see. She’s the kind of print for those who want to be noticed, it hardly goes unnoticed.

The pattern of leopard is still seen to some as tacky, but the fashion says otherwise, if you know how to combine colors is sure to be very successful where to pass.

Black and beige are the classic colors that match the leopard print, but you can have a modernized the look, use and daring with colors like pink, wine, green and blue combined with it, especially with the arrival of summer, which it is a period that requires more colors and daring.

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School T-shirts

You want to show that you belong to your school, but a school uniform is for you not in question? Then there is a way to show the sense of community in your school, to go without every day in the same clothes in the classroom: school Entwerft tees!

But how it should look? No problem – if you use the concentrated creativity of your classmates and organized a design competition! This also contributes to the fact that the students identify more with their school by one of them designed logo.

After the subject is determined, you should search next a print shop. On the Internet you will find many vendors, but perhaps there is also a print shop directly with you around. Get your best multiple quotes and trades on good terms out to keep prices for all low. In addition to T-shirts, jumpers or pens of course there are more, which can provide you with the logo of your choice.

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The Stockings of Discord!

Today’s post is controversial. So get ready!

Use white long socks pulled up to the knee (or in the middle of cinnamon) with outfits is a  dangerous combination, but that has become very popular among the girls who attend the academies and sharing opinions.

The devotees claim that the stocking is more a matter of usefulness than sets.In a way, they protect cinnamon from friction with the devices and leggings, and helps give a little spitfire when it’s colder. OK … until then I agree. There is useful, but even so, it’s still ugly! RS does not roll down it when out of the Academy or something!?

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10 Fashion Tips for the New Year

With the arrival of the new year many of us are thinking about how to renew your wardrobe to face the 2016 starts and all we need are some good fashion tips. But with so much advice floating around the Internet, it can be difficult to choose which tips focus our attentions.

Follow the trends or define your own sense of style?
As a gift to you, dear readers, we split up some tips by and have compiled a list for you to use this year. They are practical and easy to learn.
So, welcome to 2016, and you to be our most fashionable of all year!

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Country Style Decorating Ideas for Apartments

What irritates people to set up their own home in country style-even far away of village landscapes? Why choose a device, consisting of a wardrobe in solid wood, checkered linen in pastel colors and a nostalgic wall clock? Who knows, maybe you can also subject all the current home trends are just discovering this for themselves?

Professional, children, household and all the things that flow anew for us each day-the life of today seems ever more hectic and fast paced, complex and increasingly by other things than us to be self-determined. What we want is a break, a place of relaxation and deceleration. For many people, the image of the house in the country is somewhere in the country, the symbol of this very place where a break from everyday life is possible and where fresh air, light heartedness, deceleration and relaxation await us. But as beautiful as the life in the country sounds to let our things overnight behind us and to move into a nice country villa in the countryside, but we in most cases simply not possible.With the right Lighting, furniture and accessories, it is not even necessary to pull themselves into the country-because with proper means and only a few simple steps, we can easily possible to bring the country house to our house and every however small town homes to transform into the personal Landhausvilla.

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